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Prior to the series, Adorabat used to live with her parents Sonara and Eugene in a mansion. Her mother Sonara used to bring Adorabat to accompany on her cave explorations, but one day, they ran into a cave dragon. Adorabat was saved and protected by Sonara, but ultimately Sonara who sacrificed herself to the dragon was gone from Adorabat's life forever. It was also implied that this incident caused her to lose one of her legs.

Since then, Eugene had become an overprotective father due to the fear of losing Adorabat. However, instead of feeling safe, Adorabat felt smothered, which was why she began to dream of becoming a hero so that she could venture for adventures.

Season 1

In "I Love You Mao Mao", Adorabat dreamed of becoming a hero, but got shunned away by Chubbum and Ketchup. She later met Mao Mao and Badgerclops who both crash-landed in the kingdom and began admiring them relentlessly, eager to team up with them. At first, Mao Mao was reluctant to accept her request, but after she helped both of them defeat the Sky Pirates, Mao Mao finally allowed her to be part of his team.

In "No Shortcuts", Adorabat felt bummed for not being able to contribute much during her fight with the Sky Pirates, thus she was given the Mega-Mech. However, she wasn't able to harness the tech's powers properly, and even got harmed by Orangusnake and the pirates. Fortunately, she was able to use her past experiences to defeat the Sky Pirates, but Mao Mao decides to destroy her Mega-Tech for the better.

In "Zing Your Heart Out", after being insulted by Chester Nutz, Adorabat got possessed by the Ruby Pure Heart and began to shoot beams to inflict emotional pain on people she disliked. At first, she was able to snap out but soon the corrupted powers of the heart took almost full control of her mind. She even briefly usurped King Snugglemagne's throne under the Pure Heart's control. However, she was ultimately rescued by Mao Mao and Badgerclops who used jokes to broke her free, and she apologized to them after the incident.