Mao aerocycle

Mao Mao's Aero-cycle

Mao aerocycleRear

Mao Mao's Aero-cycle (Rear View)

The Aero-cycle is a flying, one-wheeled vehicle that serves as the primary means of transportation for the Pure Heart Valley Sheriff's Department (formerly just Mao Mao and Badgerclops).


  • Flight: As its name implies, the Aero-cycle moves primarily by flight.
    • In "Meet Tanya Keys", it is revealed that the Aero-cycle has a turbo mode to allow it to go much faster, but Mao Mao rarely uses it because they are "not exactly legal."
  • Power Source: The Aero-cycle is powered by a Gem Cell, a source of tremendous energy. It is powerful enough that the Aero-cycle broke the magical Ruby Pure Heart upon crashing into it, and to power the Sky Pirates' Airship. In "He's the Sheriff", Badgerclops warns the Sky Pirates that if they destroyed the Gem Cell, no one would survive the explosion.


  • Mao Mao has can summon his Aero-cycle by whistling.
  • Mao Mao's Aero-cycle resembles Ulrich's Overbike from another Cartoon Network series, Code Lyoko, as they are both one-wheeled vehicles that can also fly or be driven on the road. However, unlike the Aero-cycle, the Overbike does not have guns, and it is considered to be the slowest vehicle in its respective series. Instead, it provides rocket thrusters near the back of the vehicle, a slot for Ulrich's Katana at the right side, and can be used to ram enemies, automatically destroying them as well as the vehicle.
    Overbike codeLyoko

    Overbike from Code Lyoko

  • The Aero-cycle also resembles Capsule 341 from Dragon Ball, which is a flying vehicle owned by Bulma.

    Bulma riding with Capsule Machine Number 341

  • In "Meet Tanya Keys", the Aero-cycle is revealed to have a speed boost button on the left side that can boost the speed to triple, but it shouldn't be used due to its upgrades being "illegal".
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