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"Badge-a-fire Explosion" is the 38th episode of the first season of Mao Mao: Heroes of Pure Heart, and the 38th episode overall.


When Badgerclops comes out of a rare state of hyper-focused creativity, he may have made something that could destroy all of Pure Heart Valley.


The episode starts at HQ, When Mao Mao and Adorabat wake up and see Badgerclops in the Garage

Badge-A-Fire Explosion 006.png

telling them that he provided no snacks. They look at the security camera and see Badgerclops walking in the night and grabbing the Aerocycle. Until the cam sees the Sky pirates were taking the bike away. The two argue at each other about Badgerclops' fault for the group stealing their bike.

When Adorabat brings the buzzer, it says 28:05, an explosive device. He was disappointed, But Mao Mao reminded him that a hero never abandons there friends. At the Kingdom, there was a giant pair of robot legs named "Big Legs" whom Chester Nutz doesn’t know how to control. Mao Mao thought it was funny, and the trio saves the citizens. After a Large Raptor Monster comes while Mao Mao goes on top of his head, and it shakes his head while Mao Mao can’t hold on. The Monster starts to eat TP from Badgerclops’ inventions, and Adorabat accidentally pushes a button which turns

Badge-A-Fire Explosion 063.png

her peg leg metal. Mao Mao gets surrounded by a pack that makes him dance from Badgerclops’ inventions too.

While they find Badgerclops, he was sad that his inventions didn’t work at all, when they get caught in a net, a Sky pirate mech came and knocked them out and put them on a boat right at the lake. When the trio goes into

Badge-A-Fire Explosion 122.png

the cave, He tells them a backstory where he first invented crazy things, but his parents never liked it, so it breaks his heart. Then, Mao Mao sees a cannon and they ride down a waterfall.

At the bottom, a stage appears and the Sky pirates (who appear to be animatronics) play music for the gang. Mao Mao wonders why they aren’t attacking us, because

Badge-A-Fire Explosion 214.png

they're just robots. As they see a picture of them hugging each other, they began to dance with the invention on Mao Mao. But nearly, the Sky pirates are trapped inside the animatronics who need to get out, but the heroes can’t hear them, as the episode ends with Mao Mao and his deputies dancing.





  • When Ratarang said, "We got two more shows after this" near the end of the episode, this may be a way of telling the audience that, after the next two episodes - "Zing Your Heart Out" and "Strange Bedfellows" - the first season will be complete. The Sky Pirates appear again in these episodes.
  • It's revealed that Badgerclops wanted to create inventions that were crazy and funny, but his parents never liked it, which made him heartbroken.


  • Adorabat's Mega-Mech returns as the Mega-Mech Version 1.1.

Cultural References


  • With this being the shortest episode, this might be a reference to Mickey Mouse (2013 Series).


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International premieres

  • August 8, 2020 (Southeast Asia)
  • October 28, 2020 (Poland)


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