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Badgerclops is the deuteragonist on Mao Mao: Heroes of Pure Heart.


Contrary to Mao Mao, he is relaxed and careful, and usually encourages Adorabat to have fun, but willing to take action when needed. He loves to eat food, and possibly enjoys cooking, as a great number of cooking tools have been seen incorporated into his robotic arm. Despite being a mainly easygoing person, he doesn't handle personal criticism very well, as he ravaged a village after a villager commented on his haircut.

He seems to have a passion for robotics and science, as he appears to be the inventor of his prosthetic, and even offered to make Adorabat one like his. However, Badgerclops is also incredibly lazy, as he hates walking and climbing up stairs. He prefers playing video games rather than having to exert himself physically.

Badgerclops is quite unhygienic, since he once relied on purifying crystals rather than actual bathing and was ignorant of how bad he smelt.

He can be petty to others as well, notably when he rejects people, such as telling Penny and Benny that Adorabat doesn't love them, spraying water onto Pinky, and simply brushing off Cluckins from the party.


Little is currently known of Badgerclops' childhood, except that he had a step-brother named Gerald, who used magic tricks to steal his ice cream money on at least one occasion. At some unknown point, he lost his left eye and right arm, the latter of which were replaced with an eye-patch and a robot prosthetic respectivley. Later, he became part of a criminal gang known as the Thicket Thieves, whose members all had cybernetic body parts.

They were going to jump a traveler wearing a red cloak and take his loot. Everyone but Badgerclops jumped him, and the traveler turned out to be Mao Mao, who easily defeated the three. He slashed them to the mountain Badgerclops was hiding in, causing rocks to fall, crushing his foot. Badgerclops started a fire in a panic and Mao Mao helped Badgerclops out of the fire, which marked the beginning their friendship.


Mao Mao

Mao Mao's best friend. He works with Mao Mao to try and become legends, but due to his initial lazy nature, he usually has to be motivated to do so. He often acts as the voice of reason to Mao Mao. Although they sometimes bicker over trivial differences, they mostly make up with each other quickly.

Mao Mao and Badgerclops shake hands.


Adorabat's friend. He meets her in Pure Heart Valley after he and Mao Mao crash land there, and they become quick friends. He tends to encourage her zany and childish behavior while Mao Mao generally frowns upon it.

Adorabat shows her drawing to Badgerclops

Bobo Chan

Bobo is Badgerclops' adopted child. Badgerclops meets Bobo as an egg in forest during training. After Badgerclops "accidentally" hatched Bobo, Bobo thought Badgerclops was her parent. Badgerclops developed an intimate bond with Bobo, and even when Bobo destroyed Pure Heart Valley, he chose to live in the forest and leave his partners to raise her. When Badgerclops witnessed Bobo's 'death', he was heartbroken and mourned deeply. When the heroes were about to be thrown off of a cliff edge by Sky Pirates, Bobo saves Badgerclops and his friends, then defeats the Sky Pirates. Bobo's actions make the heroes proud, but Badgerclops realizes she was only able to survive because she was left to instinct, and he lets her go. In the epilogue, Bobo attacks Pure Heart Valley and the heroes are left to fight Bobo, leaving her fate unknown.

Bobo about to be eaten by a monster


Badgerclops doesn't really like his stepbrother Gerald, as the latter used to bully him by stealing his ice cream through magic tricks, and is consequently the main reason Badgerclops doesn't like magic shows. However, he does consider contacting Gerald after years of estrangement when Adorabat finishes performing a magic show.

Badgerclops having his ice cream stolen by Gerald


In "Badge-A-Fire Explosion", it is revealed that he does have parents, but they never supported him inventing creative things, much to his sorrow.

Abilities and Skills

  • Robotic Arm: His right arm is mechanical, and can turn into a variety of different weapons and/or tools (mainly cooking tools).
    • Grappling Hook: Capable of lifting (at least) himself and Mao Mao without difficulty.
    • Laser: A powerful laser gun. It has been seen disintegrating both foes and objects with relative ease.
    • Net: A weighted net that unfolds shortly after it is shot.
    • Cooking tools:
      • Eggbeater
      • Spatula
    • Extension: His robotic arm can extend outwards, allowing him to reach far and high places.
    • Freeze beam: He can encase opponents or objects in ice. The Freezing effect can be imbued into other weapons for a short time, like Mao Mao's sword.
    • Hammer: His arm can turn into a large claw hammer, as shown in "The Truth Stinks".
    • Fan: His arm can turn in a small fan, or a bigger version capable of disperse fog and smoke in a wide area, as shown in "The Truth Stinks".
    • Sniper rifle: His arm turns in a rifle with a long range, and is capable to shoot several shots in a short interval before needing to recharge.
      • Jelly bullet: A small green ball that when hit someone immobilize him in a resistant green jelly cube (As seen in "Try hard"), even so one can scape if can tolerate the horrible flavor.
  • Engineering: Badgerclops is capable of making advanced technology and weaponry, such as the Mega Mech he gave to Adorabat.
  • Drawing: Badgerclops draws in his sketchbook as a hobby.
  • Vocal Mimicry: Like Mao Mao, he is good at voice impersonation. This talent is demonstrated in "Outfoxed" when he pretended to be Reggie and did not arouse the suspicion of Reggie's partner, Rufus.
  • Animal Mimicry: He can pretend to be a dog under the commands of Mao Mao as seen in Baost in Show.
  • Hyperfocus: As demonstrated in the episode Badge-A-Fire Explosion, Badgerclops has the ability to shift into a state of enhanced focus and energy which allows him to work on and complete many technologically complex projects during a short period of time. Badgerclops calls this state 'Ultra Focus', although hyperfocus is a more widely used term for this state of mind.

Foreign voice actors

Language version Actors
Flag of Mexico.png Spanish (Latin America) Pascual Meza
Flag of Brazil.png Brazilian Portuguese Clécio Souto

Episode and Game Appearances


  • Badgerclops was originally known as Bearclops before being altered to his current character.
    • Of the three main characters, he is the one whose design had the most noticeable changes: his fur was originally white all over, and larger, round ears instead of small, pointy ones.
    • This version of him can be seen in early animations here.
  • Badgerclops' eye color appears to have changed after a certain point, as we can see that it is blue during flashback sequences in "Breakup", "The Truth Stinks", and "Badge-A-Fire Explosion".
  • He continues sleeping in the top bunk after he switches with Mao Mao in "Ultraclops".
  • Badgerclops has a bounty for his head, but it's not specific who put this on him. A possible specific reason for that but several past actions he do in the past can be the cause:
    • Was part of the Thicket Thieves.
    • He once destroyed a village because its inhabitants criticized his haircut.
  • Badgerclops loves to eat food such as beignets and cobbler.
  • Badgerclops' love for cobbler is shared by many of the Sweetypies of Pure Heart Valley, Mao Mao, and Adorabat.
  • In "Fright Wig", Badgerclops apparently has learned about exposure therapy on television.
  • As seen in Badge-A-Fire Explosion, Badgerclops was bullied as a child for his passion and skill for inventing. He also seems to have a rocky relationship with his parents and step-brother, Gerald.
  • The fact that Badgerclops apparently has the ability to 'Ultra Focus', or, as it is more commonly known in psychological terms, Hyperfocus - as seen in the episode Badge-A-Fire Explosion - may suggest that he has ADHD or is otherwise neurodivergent. If he does, it is possible he hyperfixates on inventing, which explains his creativity and incredible skill in that field. It is also common for children who are neurodivergent to be misunderstood by their parents and peers and to experience bullying, both things that he experienced as a child.
  • He tends to gag when he hears the sound of people gagging, this was shown in the episode Sick Mao, when Mao Mao tried to clear his nose and started gagging.


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