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Speaker Dialogue
Mao Mao Perimeter's secure. Commence operation.
King Snugglemagne Let the discus games begin! Ah! Oh, catch, Sheriff. Whoo!
Mao Mao Ugh. No, Your Grace, alright? Protecting you is our top priority.
King Snugglemagne Oh, please, it's not like some barbarian's going to come bobbing out of the bushes. Aah!
Mao Mao Huh?
Badgerclops Wha--?!
Adorabat Ohh!
Bao Bao Woof!
Adorabat, Badgerclops, & King Snugglemagne Aww!
Mao Mao You! How dare you show your face around here again?! If you don't get -- Hey. Hey, I'm not done with you, alright?
King Snugglemagne Uh, oh, please, no. You're cute, but please stay away. W-Wait. You want to play discus with me? Oh, go get it, boy!
Mao Mao Don't bother. That mutt will betray you the first chance he -- Ohhhh!
King Snugglemagne What a jolly fellow and so obedient. Here, have a treat. Oh, you're such a good boy! Now I can do something I've always wanted...
Bao Bao Hmm?
King Snugglemagne ...a royal pet show! And since I'll be the only competitor, the winner shall naturally be me. Ah!
Mao Mao Ha! Leashed. Serves you right.
King Snugglemagne Come along, my new pet. Let's frolic back to the palace. You're my new best friend! Best friend! Best Friend! Best Friend!
Teen Mao Mao You're my best friend, Bao Bao.
Badgerclops Uhh, you alright, dude?
Mao Mao Oh, we got to get in that dog show right now.
Adorabat Yay! An activity!
Badgerclops Uh, back up. Why?
Mao Mao Bao Bao's my friend. The first time he left me, it shattered my innocence. The second time, it broke my heart. If he leaves me for a third time, who knows what'll happen? I might explode...No!...literally!
Badgerclops I don't know, man. It kind of sounds like you're, like, projecting?
Mao Mao I don't care! The royal pet show might be the only chance I get to rescue him!
Badgerclops Okay, but what about --
Mao Mao Nope. To the palace! Now, remember the plan, Badgerclops, alright?
Badgerclops Don't worry, man. I got this. Check this out. 'Sup, boy?
King Snugglemagne Welcome, one and all, to the royal pet show! Uh, I thought I'd be the only one competing, but -- but this is fine, too.
Adorabat Shouldn't there be people watching?
King Snugglemagne Excellent idea. Guards!
Chubbum Ow!
King Snugglemagne Marvelous. Let the festivities begin, ah?
Bao Bao Woof.
King Snugglemagne Oh. Oh, here. Have a treat. You're so delightful, Bao Bao.
Chett the Ref Prelims, commence! Very nice. Superb.
Badgerclops So, like, am I supposed to just like stand here or -- Aah! Hey, that tickles. No, stop it! Stop it.
Chett the Ref Mm-hmm.
Badgerclops No! I said stop it!
Chett the Ref And walk.
Badgerclops That's more like it. Spicy, sassy, and sweet. I got it all!
King Snugglemagne How splendid. Why isn't that one clapping?
Chubbum I'm trying! I'm trying! Can't you see I'm trying? I'm trying!
Chett the Ref Part one -- done. We'll resume after this short break.
Adorabat You're asleep now.
Mao Mao Excellent form, Adorabat. Bao Bao, I'm bustin' you outta here.
Guard Aah!
Badgerclops Mao Mao, I think my arm just did something bad.
Mao Mao And after we make it out of the Valley, we'll have to remove our prints and change our names. Uh, t-there's a chance one of us might not make it, but who cares about that?
Bao Bao Bao! Bao!
Mao Mao What do you mean you're not coming?
King Snugglemagne Uh, I heard an explosion! Is everything alright?
Mao Mao You're too late, Y-Your Highness. Bao Bao and I are escaping together!
King Snugglemagne Escaping? Do you honestly think Bao Bao wants to run away with the likes of you?
Mao Mao Of course he does! I know exactly what he wants.
Bao Bao Hmm. Woof!
Mao Mao Stop asking for treats! I don't have any!
King Snugglemagne How about a little wager then, shall we? Whoever wins best in show shall keep both pets.
Badgerclops Mmm!
Mao Mao That's it? Easy peasy. You're on.
King Snugglemagne Excellent. Then we shall truly see who's best in show. Bye! Come along, Bao Bao.
Bao Bao Bao! Bao!
Mao Mao This is too easy. Once I destroy Bao Bao in the show, he'll run back to me, and we'll be best friends again just like before!
Badgerclops Whoa, dude. Slow down. I know you're hurt, but you can't control friendships.
Mao Mao Badgerclops, sit. Shake. Roll over. Good boy.
Badgerclops You may have prove your point in a -- in one way, but you did not win.
Chett the Ref Lightning round, go! Obedience. Intelligence. Coordination. Poise. Courage.
Badgerclops Aah!
Chett the Ref Recess. Disqualified! Etiquette. Responsibility. Penmanship. Honesty. Gymnastics. Hey, get out of here!
Badgerclops Good hustle, Adorabat!
Mao Mao I can almost taste victory. Bao Bao's as good as mine!
Badgerclops You mean free, right?
Mao Mao Yeah, of course, you know? Free, you know? That's what I meant.
Chett the Ref It's time for the final event -- pet pro-o-o-m!
Badgerclops Pet what?
Singer Wild and free. I'm gonna be a real good buddy. If you just let me run. When unleashed. You will see my inner beast. And run wild together. 'Cause I'm the best in show. I'm the best in show. I'm gonna show you, yeah, I'm gonna show you. I'm a dog without a leash, yeah. I'm an animal. I run on instinct. There's no caging me, I'm a lion. Roaring deep in the savannah. I hunt and I thrill. I'll show you I will. Yeah, I'm a cat leaping to take a chance.
Badgerclops Dude, pet prom rules! Mao Mao?
Singer And you and me can dance. 'Cause together we are free. So don't keep me on a leash.
Badgerclops Dude, you're supposed to be my partner!
Singer I'm wild and free, wanna move, wanna follow the beat. No, don't keep me on a leash. I'm gonna be me. You're gonna know what it means to be free. 'Cause I'm the best in show. I'm the best in show. And I'm gonna show you. U-u-u-u-u-u-p. La, la, la.
King Snugglemagne Quit butting in!
Mao Mao And you quit butting in to our friendship!
King Snugglemagne I've had enough of your interference.
Mao Mao Why don't we let Bao Bao decide who he truly wants to be with, then, hmm?
King Snugglemagne Fine. Bao Bao, to me!
Mao Mao No, Bao Bao, over here!
King Snugglemagne Bao Bao, come.
Mao Mao Bao Bao, now!
Badgerclops Hey, so, I'm not actually a pet.
Chett the Ref I know that.
Badgerclops Uh, then why were you messing with my floof, guy?
King Snugglemagne & Mao Mao Bao Bao, come here! Bao Bao, come! Come here! No, don't go to him. No, over here, to your king!
Mao Mao Bao Bao, wait. You're my best friend. We've been through so much together. I -- I love you.
King Snugglemagne Oh, please, Sheriff. You're embarrassing yourself.
Mao Mao Bao Bao!
King Snugglemagne Bao Bao!
Badgerclops Bao Bao!
Chett the Ref What?
Adorabat Bao Bao!
Mao Mao Bao Bao! Bao Bao! Bao Bao!
Mao Mao & Teen Mao Mao Here boy! You're my best friend!
Badgerclops Aah! No! Get -- Get off of me! That's mine. I paid for those!
Adorabat Mm, Mao Mao? Are you...okay? He's gonna blow!
Mao Mao I...I understand! Ohhh! Bao Bao, I owe you an apology. I acted insane just because I was jealous you were hanging out with the king, but you're your own dog. You can do what you want. Yeah, I know you want a treat. Gah.
King Snugglemagne Ha! I win!
Mao Mao Wait. What are you doing? Didn't you hear any of what I just said?!
King Snugglemagne Don't care. Bao Bao shall stay here with me whether he wants to or not. Oh! Guards! Seize them!
Badgerclops Hey, Mao Mao, we decided it would be easier if we turn ourselves in now. Plus he says there's more treats down in the dungeon. Ain't that right? I'll take those odds.
Mao Mao What do you want to do?
Bao Bao Mm? Woof.
Mao Mao I'm sorry, buddy. Alright, I'll give him back to you, but you got to...catch him!
King Snugglemagne Bao Bao, come here. I'll catch you.
Mao Mao Ha!
King Snugglemagne Aah!
Mao Mao You're right. It worked. Run!
King Snugglemagne Don't let them escape!
Mao Mao Looks like we have no choice but to fight. Ha ha! Good idea.
Guards Charge!
Mao Mao Alright. Who's next?
King Snugglemagne Well, don't just stand there. Throw your spears at him.
Mao Mao Bao Bao, run! Aah! Alright. Let's aim for that window. Jump!
King Snugglemagne No!
Mao Mao Aah!
Guard Fire!
Mao Mao Aah! Aah! Aah!!
King Snugglemagne Now, Bao Bao, look what I've got here for you. Yes, that's right. If you want it, just come here to me. That's it. You see, Sheriff, you can control your friends. You just have to be good at it. Aah! You miserable mutt!
Mao Mao Sorry about that. Told you he was traitorous.
King Snugglemagne No!! Bao Bao, come back to me! Bao Bao, no! Well, I'm bored.
Mao Mao Okay. Okay. Alright. Come on. Hey. Hey! Alright. Get out of here before any guards show up and -- Whoa, hey. Alright, no time for sweet goodbyes. Till next time. Uh, deputies, come in. What's your status? It's lunchtime. I'm hungry.
Badgerclops Oh, hey, Mao Mao. Uh, we can't talk right now. We're being tortured. How much longer do we have to do this?
King Snugglemagne Three days, or until I'm bored of you. Just settle in.