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Benny is a dog inhabitant of Pure Heart Valley.


Benny is a floppy-eared cream yellow dog with a chubby face and has some sort of whiskers. He has black round eyes. Around his neck is a red collar with a light orange diamond-shaped tag.


Benny is generally nice, but isn’t the brightest. According to Mao Mao, he and Penny always ignore the dangers of picnicking in the middle of a road for more than once. Another example is how he takes figurative speech literally, mistaking "run the store" as running away from it.

He can be timid as well, hugging Penny when they are both frightened.

Benny can be saddened over the slightest matter. For example, when he and Penny had their electricity poached and are flat-out told they were unloved, he reflexively gets upset.


  • Benny closely resembles Penny, with whom he shares a close relationship, except that he is yellow.
  • Benny is a nickname for "Ben", the abbreviation of the name "Benjamin".
  • "The Perfect Couple" revealed that he doesn't know how to bake.


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