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Camille is a female chameleon who makes her first debut in "Ultraclops". She is one of the two magic technicians of the Ruby Heart Castle, the other being her apprentice, Honey.


Camille is an anthropomorphic chameleon whose tongue usually hangs outside her mouth. She wears a purple tunic.

Camille and Honey as magic technicians


Camille is a very eccentric and forgetful elderly woman, to the point where it is possible that she could be senile due to her old age. Because of her short term memory, she relies on Honey to remember things for her.


Magic: She develops and builds magic artifacts with her apprentice.

Episode Appearances

Foreign voice actors

Language version Actors
Flag of Mexico.png Spanish (Latin America) Betzabé Jara


  • She lacks basic knowledge of hygiene, as displayed in "Sick Mao", wherein it is revealed she doesn’t know how germs are spread despite having a relevant poster about said topic, and keeps a collection of mucus.
  • When Camille sees rainbows on fire in "Fright Wig", it's a direct allusion to chameleons finding food in the dark at night using heat in real life to hunt their food down.


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