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Speaker Dialogue
Adorabat Yay! Mao Mao is training me. Whee!
Mao Mao Adorabat, be careful, alright? Stealth boots are not a toy.
Adorabat Then why are mine colored like a toy?
Mao Mao I found them at a toy store. Now, do you know the difference between a legendary hero and a bad guy?
Adorabat I destroy the bad guys and ruin their lives.
Mao Mao Yes, that. But also a bad guy never does his chores. Take for instance Badgerclops.
Badgerclops Here we go.
Mao Mao You see, he used to be a bad guy, so sometimes I have to find passive-aggressive ways to remind him to do his chores.
Badgerclops Uh, what chores?
Mao Mao Fixing the aerocycle.
Badgerclops Oh. Well, like, I've just been like, really, really busy.
Mao Mao Badgerclops, you are literally playing a game where you do chores. Just do your chores.
Badgerclops Dude! I haven't been saving.
Mao Mao Yet another responsibility you welched on -- Wh-Why are you crying?
Badgerclops You guys don't get it! My schedule's too crazy! It's always "Fix the aerocycle, Badgerclops. Do the grocery shopping, Badgerclops." Two whole things!
Mao Mao Only two things! You didn't even go grocery shopping either, man? You know what? You're just being a big, old...lazy bones.
Adorabat Oh.
Badgerclops I need to be away from you right now before I lose it on you.
Mao Mao Oh, my gosh. I just need you to do a couple chores. Get back here!
Badgerclops When will I find the place where I..belong.
Boss Hosstrich Come on, now! Can't this thing pick up any hard rock?
Ratarang Oh!
Orangusnake Ooh, look what I found! What's wrong with y'all?
Boss Hosstrich I say, someone throwing rocks at us.
Ramaraffe Uh, I think it was just an accident, boss.
Orangusnake Come here. I want to see. Ooh. It's the sassy one. The, uh, deputy sheriff. And look. He's helpless and alone. Ooh, hoo, hoo! I just had an idea.
Puppet Hello, little boy.
Badgerclops Hello.
Orangusnake See, I told you he wouldn't think it was weird.
Puppet I'm a magical being, and I --
Badgerclops Do some magic.
Puppet Uh, no. Say, why don't you fall for this trap? I mean, uh...mmm, candy.
Badgerclops Mm, I don't know if I should trust this magical puppet. Mmm, candy. Aah! Uh, what happened? What did they do to you?! Ow! What --
Orangusnake Soon, you will suffer eternal torment --
Badgerclops This scam blows. It's not gonna work, Sky Pirates.
Orangusnake What?! Wait, wait, wait. You're not scared?
Badgerclops Oh, yeah. Maybe I am a little scared. Guess I'll have to defend myself.
Ratarang Please do not shoot me over here.
Badgerclops' Robotic Arm Incoming message from Mao Mao.
Mao Mao Badgerclops, are you sing-crying at the lake again? What?! The Sky Pirates?! Just defeat them, get groceries, and fix the aerocycle, okay? Add it to the rest of your chores.
Badgerclops Whatever, Mom-Mom!
Badgerclops' Robotic Arm Caller blocked.
Badgerclops You know what! Forget this. They're always like, "Do this! Do that!" And...I wish that I was. Somewhere I belong.
Orangusnake Depression! The perfect recruitment tool. Ya know, being a pirate is dope. No responsibilities. No chores. We can do whatever you want.
Badgerclops That's it. I'm in.
Orangusnake Oh. That was easy. This calls for a celebration.
Badgerclops Ooh, neat. What are y'all gonna do to me?
Sky Pirates Pirate rave! Pirate rave! Pirate rave!
Orangusnake Hit it, boss.
Boss Hosstrich Yo!
Ratarang Wa-wa-wa-wa-wa-wa-wa!
Badgerclops Uh, so you guys just do this, like, all the time?
Orangusnake Oh, yeah. House music electronica. Party don't stop, y'all! Oh, you should've seen me in the '90s.
Badgerclops That's such a weird thing to say. Everybody, everybody. Everybody look at me. Go, go, go, Badger, go, Badger, go.
Sky Pirates Nice dance moves!
Badgerclops Me hungry! Oh, man, you guys got anything to eat in this dump?
Orangusnake Ooh, you smell that? I think there's something super yummy in the other room.
Badgerclops Other room! Move! Yum, yum, yum, yum, yum!
Orangusnake Uh, that's my captain's chair.
Badgerclops Dude, sit down. I'm hungry.
Orangusnake Oh, uh...Okay.
Badgerclops What? What is this?
Ratarang Alright, here me out. No one wants to get groceries, right? So we just use our imagination over here. Oh, boy! Gabagool!
Ramaraffe A rainbow!
Orangusnake There, there, little lamb. I'll make it quick. Mmm! Lamby.
Badgerclops Uh, this is really weird. That's it. I'm running away.
Ramaraffe I'll fix you a plate.
Badgerclops Of what?! There's nothing here! Huh?
Ramaraffe You're doing it, Badgerclops.
Badgerclops I think I found the place where I belong.
Orangusnake Enjoying your food? You know...we could eat and party all the time. If we fix the power thing. Oh, if only someone --
Badgerclops Yeah, sure. I'll do it.
Orangusnake Really?
Badgerclops Mm. Dude, two feet.
Mao Mao Okay, Adorabat, new heroic lesson -- Badgerclops is annoying and we have to save him.
Adorabat Yay! Badgerclops annoying saving time!
Ramaraffe Being on patrol. High-ho a dairy-o.
Mao Mao Sleepy chop!
Boss Hosstrich Do my dishes, boy!
Puppet No, I don't wanna!
Boss Hosstrich You made me do this!
Mao Mao Chop! Sleepier chop! Alright, let's get Badgerclops. Badgerclops, we've come to save y-- Oh.
Badgerclops Everybody, everybody.
Mao Mao Badgerclops!
Badgerclops Oh, 'sup, guys? Dude, the Sky Pirates rule, actually. They have magical food and dance parties that go all night.
Orangusnake Well, if it isn't Chores Boy, worming his way back to force you to do multiple chores again. I'll bet he doesn't even like house music.
Mao Mao I love house music! Give him back, Orangusnake!
Orangusnake Ha! Feel free to try.
Mao Mao Oh, yeah, I will. We can discuss your responsibilities back at HQ, whether you like it or not, lazy bones.
Adorabat Oh!
Orangusnake No, you did not!
Badgerclops I'm not going back with you! You're just mad that...I finally found.
Mao Mao What? Why are you singing?
Badgerclops The place where I.
Mao Mao Badgerclops, don't you -- No! No!
Badgerclops Belong.
Mao Mao Badgerclops!
Adorabat Hmm? Oh!
Muffins Aah!
Ramaraffe Look, the ship's taking us right to the Ruby Pure Heart.
Orangusnake Oh, my. If someone -- doesn't have to be you, but someone were to take all of that power for themselves, why, no one would be able to make you do anything ever again.
Badgerclops I must have the Ruby Pure Heart! Release the clamps!
Orangusnake Actually, we use giant suction cups.
Badgerclops That is enough out of you. Attention, Pure Heart Valley! I'm-a borrow this.
Mao Mao Borrow? That would decimate the entire kingdom!
Marion Ain't y'all supposed to be the good guys?
Badgerclops Badgerclops has better friends now.
Orangusnake Best friends.
Badgerclops Dude, be cool.
Ramaraffe Uh, but won't Mao Mao just come back up here and kick our butts?
Badgerclops Ha ha! He can't get up here without the aerocycle, and I never finished fixing it. Oh, wait. They fixed it, never mind.
Mao Mao That's right. And it was easy. Alright, line up in the order you want your butts kicked.
Boss Hosstrich I'll say, I call last.
Ramaraffe No fair. You always get last.
Badgerclops Not today, for the Sky Pirates are under new management.
Orangusnake I was thinking maybe I could stay manager.
Mao Mao Badgerclops, this is all on you, okay? You can make this stop.
Badgerclops That's you.
Mao Mao Then you leave me no choice.
Badgerclops I'm not afraid of you. Aah! I can't breathe! I can't breathe! How did you get so fast?
Mao Mao Badgerclops, I walked over here, alright, casually. What are you talking about? Are you okay?
Orangusnake Badgerclops, did we win?
Mao Mao What? Why are you do-- No one even hit you yet! And what is happening over there?
Ramaraffe She's just a big blur!
Boss Hosstrich Her movements are too fast now!
Orangusnake Oh, this is a pretty common side effect of not ever eating any real food. Curse you, grocery shopping!
Badgerclops Whoa, whoa, wait. Grocery shopping?! Why didn't someone just go?!
Orangusnake Pfft. You're not my mom.
Badgerclops Aah! I need to get out of here before I lose it on you.
Adorabat We saved the mountain! Is that all we're doing today?
Mao Mao Aren't you forgetting something kind of big?
Badgerclops Fine. Thank you for having me.
Mao Mao I meant the giant suction cup!
Orangusnake It's too late. Now that the power thing is fixed, nothing will stop us from having the Ruby Pure H-- Are you listening?
Badgerclops And done. Wow. You know, I feel so much more relaxed knowing I got all my chores done for the day.
Adorabat You still haven't done no grocery shopping.
Badgerclops Shush, shush.
Orangusnake Uh, excuse me. I won and it's all your fault? Stop being so caszh about it.
Badgerclops Yeah, about that. I kinda put off fixing the generator and just plugged it into somebody's house for now.
Penny Where did this come from?
Badgerclops Let this be a lesson for you, alright? Just do your chores.
Orangusnake Wait, no, no, no, no.
Badgerclops Bye-bye!
Orangusnake Curses!
Badgerclops Man, those guys' lives are just a little too relaxed, know what I'm saying?
Ratarang I'm gonna try to crash it with a manual glide!
Orangusnake She might not hold this time! We're just not looking good. To the escape pods! The path is blocked!
Boss Hosstrich Every man for hisself!
Ramaraffe Why is everything on fire?!
Orangusnake No! You cannot have these people! Not today!
Ramaraffe Whoa! No, no! Not like this!
Sky Pirates We're okay!
Badgerclops Like, could you imagine?