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Chett is the referee of all official Pure Heart Valley competitions and events, such as the Thumb War tournament and Pet Show.


Chett appears to be a yellow dog Sweetypie, often wearing outfits of referees and judges.


He takes his role as referee very seriously, often even hyping up events he covers, be it a game of thumb war or even announcing the events of a pet show.

He tends to keep up with the rules and regulations, as he took Mao Mao's gloves because they were not regulations, though he missed this fact until he noticed the bad smell they made. 

He also doesn't like being corrected, as such when Mail Mole pointed out how he missed seeing Mao Mao's gloves, to which Chett had him disqualified for "sassing" him.

But being employed by King Snugglemagne, he does bend the rules to fit his whims: such as when he slowed down his counting in the match between Mao Mao and Big Thumb Pete per King's order.

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