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Chubbum is a frog inhabitant of Pure Heart Valley.


Chubbum is a frog Sweetypie with a heart on each cheek who wears two red boots. He is unable to clap his hands due to his short arms, but this doesn’t stop him from trying to do so.


Like the majority of Sweetypies, Chubbum is polite and kind, but also timid. For example, in "Not Impressed", he is shown to be traumatized after Mao Mao throws away a suit that resembles an empty Chubbum.

Foreign voice actors

Yū Hayashi - Japanese Voice Actor

Language version Actors
Flag of Mexico.png Spanish (Latin America) Geezuz González


  • Chubbum, Adorabat, and Ketchup are the first Sweetypies to appear in the series.
  • He is one the few characters in the series to be seen wearing shoes, even though they are technically boots.
  • He briefly had a cupcake that he viewed as a baby brother, which he named Bubbums, until it was accidentally destroyed by Mao Mao.


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