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Farmer Bun is an inhabitant of Pure Heart Valley. He is an orange rabbit who works as a farmer.


He is an light orange lop-eared rabbit. His hat and pants are vermilion.


Farmer Bun is mostly friendly but can be fierce when he gets involved in arguments. For example, he nearly got into a fight with Cluckins in "He's the Sheriff", only because they are archenemies and he had a mere disagreement.

He can also be quite generous, as seen in "Sugar Berry Fever", wherein he was willing to share his cobbler with Mao Mao, Adorabat, and Badgerclops. In that same episode, however, he was upset when Mao Mao attempted to eat his entire stash of cobbler without his permission, and attempted to physically restrain him to keep him away from the barn in which it was held.

At times, Farmer Bun can be naughty, such as when he sneaked into Mao Mao's Torbaclaun trap which fooled the latter as a result in "Legend of the Torbaclaun".

Episode Appearances


  • He speaks with a countryman accent.
  • Despite being a small rabbit, he is surprisingly strong/combative, being able pick-up Mao Mao, slamming him multiple times and even swinging him.


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