Gerald is the step-brother of Badgerclops.


Gerald is similar in appearance to his step-brother, though with some differences. For example, Gerald has a small mustache-like patch of whiskers on his upper lip, and, unlike his step-brother, does not possess an eye patch or a robotic arm. Also, Gerald's head is more oblong than Badgerclops', and he is much larger.


Gerald is likely a condescending individual, as seen in the portrait from "Enemy Mime", when he pushed young Badgerclops away and preferred to enjoy his ice cream rather than sharing it.

He is also a nasty person, as mentioned by Badgerclops, proven by how he stole ice cream money from Badgerclops by tricking his step-brother through his magic tricks.


  • Magic/Prestidigitation: Badgerclops claims that Gerald was a magician who used some of his tricks to distract him and steal his ice cream money.


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