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Geraldine is a magical golden katana that acts as Mao Mao's primary weapon on Mao Mao: Heroes of Pure Heart.


Mao Mao received Geraldine shortly after his sisters received the Legendary Golden Weapons. The sword's powers have not been fully explained, but it has been seen generating a shock wave capable of slicing through multiple monsters at once.[1] The blade of the sword is also able to surround itself with fire to deal increased damage[2], and can generate a powerful flash of light. This, with the fact that the sword can be covered with a freeze beam[3], implied the sword have high resistence or inmunity to extreme temperture changes, something that could easly broke a normal weapon made off Steel.


  • Shin Mao does not consider Geraldine to be a "cool" weapon[4]; rather, he views it as a glow stick or a toy[5].
  • Adorabat thinks the sword’s name should be Goldie Chops[4].


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