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Gloria is Mao Mao's aunt, and a minor character, who appears in "Lonely Kid".


Gloria is an elderly black cat who wears small round glasses. She wears a grayish-purple nightgown.


It is to be assumed that Aunt Gloria holds odd feelings for her nephew Mao Mao. When Shin Mao first dropped off Mao Mao at the village, he told him to say hello to his Aunt Gloria. Even when Mao Mao is being chased by an angry mob, he still stops to say "hi" to her. She appears shocked just before suddenly pulling out a pitchfork.


Episode Appearances


  • Shin Mao refers to her as Mao Mao's aunt; it is not specified whether she is his sister, the sister of Mao Mao's Mother, or is related to them by some other means.
  • There is a tray of cobbler sitting on her window sill, possibly referencing the episodes "Sugar Berry Fever" and a brief scene from the episode "Small" when Shin Mao tells Badgerclops that he doesn't eat cobbler, because it's against his family's code. Cobbler has been against the family code even when Mao Mao was a kitten, so it is to be assumed that by possessing cobbler, she is breaking the family code.
    • If this were so, she would be the third member of the family to break the family's code through cobbler, with Mao Mao being the first.


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