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Welcome back to "Head Chef", we make cooking look stressful than it already is.


"Head Chef" is the 23rd episode of the first season of Mao Mao: Heroes of Pure Heart, and the 23rd episode overall.


Mao Mao faces off with Badgerclops in a competition to determine whether cooking (and being a hero) is an art or a science.


The episode starts at the HQ, When Adorabat's Stomach begins to rumble, when Mao Mao and Badgerclops Cook

Head Chef 032.png

her breakfast. When they are done, She tastes it. She wonders how did they do it?! Mao Mao tells her that cooking is like being a hero, it's an art. But Badgerclops thinks cooking is science. Suddenly, they began to fight. Until, an announcement tells them to sign up for "Head Chef".

At the kingdom, The King was hosting the show, while he fells down the stairs. He tells Gary to zoom in the camera. So, Mao Mao and Badgerclops were in the cameras talking about beating each other in this competition. Then, Adorabat tells the camera that she is going to do great. When, The camera zooms to Snugglemagne's face (which is really ugly). So, the two still are both talking about being in the competition. Then, they introduces the judges Chubbum, Clark, and Blue. But the only thing Adorabat could have, was a Toy oven herself. The King tells everyone, that they will be cooking with hydra eggs. But this causes the Hydras to notice there eggs are gone. As he

Head Chef 036.png

hits the gone, The game has begun. So, Mao Mao and Badgerclops were cooking very well while the judges were liking it, and beating each other. So, Badgerclops

Head Chef 084.png

complains about how Mao Mao is cooking like an art, But Mao Mao thinks his co-hero is cheating. Meanwhile, Adorabat was cooking with her toy oven and makes food with plastic food. So, She has mentions her parents before a later episode. Later, the two are still beating each other with Hydra Eggs. Suddenly, the Hydra Comes to the Kingdom and smashes the show. The judges

Head Chef 163.png

were frightened, But Mao Mao deems on Badgerclops to work by theirselves. Badgerclops uses his calculations to defeat the monster. While Adorabat still cooks with plastic food. Just then, there jaws began to eat the two heroes, So Mao Mao apologizes to his friend

Head Chef 212.png

for what he said and Badgerclops felt the same too.

So, they both work together. While Pinky was hiding behind a lap-post. So, he uses his calculations to slice up the monster, and Pinky suddenly gets tangled through his robotic arm. Then, the monster was shoot into the sky so high. Until they were about to finish the competition, Adorabat makes her food, But the King claims at her for using fake food. Afterwards, The two heroes don't know how anything about this. So, Then the King fells down the stairs again while Gary points the camera at him, as ending the episode.





  • Hydra Eggs make a return in this episode following their brief debut in "Meet Tanya Keys". However, they have been legalized in Pure Heart Valley at some point following their initial debut.
  • Adorabat apparently has a spatula from Mao Mao that she isn't supposed to have.


  • Ol' Blue remains unimpressed to Mao Mao's performances and actions just like he did in "Not Impressed".

Cultural References

  • Head Chef, the show that Badgerclops and Mao Mao participate in is a possible reference or homage to Food Network and their cooking competitions. The same applies to Food Channel and the show "Man VS Food".
  • Approximately on 7:01 while Adorabat´s cooking, we can hear a particular sound effect, this sound effect is taken from "Hell´s kitchen" and "Kitchen Nightmares" which are 2 cooking shows.


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International premieres

  • June 10, 2020 (Poland)


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