Mao Mao: Heroes of Pure Heart Wiki

The Heroes are the main protagonists and characters who are willing to protect Pure Heart Valley. Their duties include fighting off monsters and dangerous criminals that frequently terrorize the valley. They also act as law enforcement, making sure the denizens of the valley obey the laws of the kingdom. They also help people out with daily activities.



  • Mao Mao is the only member to be based on a domesticated animal.
  • All three heroes lost at least one body part before the start of the series, which they either hide behind an article of clothing, or replace with a prosthetic:
    • Mao Mao lost his tail, and the remaining stub is hidden behind his cape.
    • Badgerclops lost his left eye - which is covered with an eyepatch - and his right arm - which was replaced with a cybernetic appendage.
    • Adorabat lost her right leg, which was replaced with a yellow peg leg.