Honey is a female character who made her debut in the episode "Ultraclops". She is one of the magic technicians of the castle, and the apprentice of Camille.


She is a small squirrel, and wears a yellow conical hat and a tunic that covers her feet.

Camille and Honey: magic technicians


She is shown to be a little shy and does not like talking in public, only whispering to her teacher whatever she needs to say.

In spite of her bashfulness, she is actually knowledgeable, knowing more about hygiene than Camille.


Magic: She develops and builds magic artifacts with her teacher.

Items and Equipment

  • Growth Amulet: A amulet that permits growth to the size of a giant, and can be used by anyone with only a press to the gem. It is shaped like a heart. It's not necessary wear the amulet to maintain the size but it's needed to return to normal size.


  • From what is seen in the episode "Sick Mao", she appears to have more knowledge of medicine and sickness than her teacher Camille.
  • She appeared in "Ultraclops", "Enemy Mime" "Sick Mao" "Legend Of The Torbaclaun" "Fright Wig" and "The Perfect Couple" making it a total of over 6 appearences in 6 episodes of Mao Mao Heroes Of Pure Heart.



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