"I Love You Mao Mao" is the 1st episode of the first season of Mao Mao: Heroes of Pure Heart, and the 1st episode overall.


An explosive loner and his slacker best friend are waylaid from their journey into legend, only to find that their story is just beginning.


Adorabat is unsatisfied with the lack of adventure in Pure Heart Valley. Meanwhile, our protagonist Mao Mao and his friend Badgerclops sneak onto a ship to aim to take down a group of Sky Pirates, led by Orangusnake. The space pirates just discovered the cloaked Ruby Pure Heart, preparing their attack.


Screencap Of Mao Mao, from later episode

Mao Mao and Badgerclops get on the ship, the next scene following as the two battle against Orangusnake's pirates. We are introduced to Ramaraffe, Boss Hosstrich and Ratarang. As the ship plummets and they take out the enemies, the two heroes flee. As they ride off, they knock into the invisible Ruby Pure Heart, cracking it.


Three introduced enemies

This causes Pure Heart Valley's cloaking abilities to completely break, revealing the kingdom. They plummet to the town center, where Mao Mao and Badgerclops bicker.

A dragon enemy appears, and the two take it down. During this, Adorabat watches in awe and admiration as the battle unfolds.


The ship Orangusnake and the Sky Pirates were on

Adorabat approaches Mao Mao and aspires to become a hero too, begging Mao Mao to help. King Snugglemagne introduces himself, revealing to Mao Mao what he did to the Ruby Pure Heart. Orangusnake reappears on his ship, Mao Mao takes down the remaining pirates, Adorabat helping them. They destroy the ship and win the battle, the townsfolk thank them. Mao Mao recruits Adorabat and King Snugglemagne declares Mao Mao sheriff and protector of Pure Heart Valley.


The three heroes and the king at the celebration




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