Jim Jim is Mao Mao's uncle and a member of Clan Mao.


In "Sugar Berry Fever" he is among the Clan Mao ancestors-including Great-Great Aunt Blackbeard and Great-Great Paternal Grandfather Twig-who appear to condemn Mao Mao for loving cobbler in defiance of The Hero's Code. His appearance surprises Mao Mao, as he was unaware of his uncle's apparent death. Later, Jim Jim and the other appear again when Mao Mao has unlocked his Golden Truth form, but Mao Mao defiantly shoves some cobbler into Jim Jim's face. Jim Jim, initially shocked, then comments that the cobbler actually tastes good, before he and the other spirits disappear.


  • It is not mentioned whether Jim Jim is Mao Mao's paternal uncle-presumably the brother of Shin Mao-or maternal-the brother of Mao Mao's Mother.
  • It is possible that Jim Jim has died and become a spirit without Mao Mao knowing.

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