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Ketchup is a beaver inhabitant of Pure Heart Valley.


Ketchup has puffy magenta hair, buck teeth, and a flat, fuchsia-colored tail. She wears a fuchsia tutu, along with a similarly-colored hair bow in her hair. Like almost every other character in the series, she does not wear shoes, and instead walks around barefoot.


Like the other inhabitants of the valley, she is nice and really easy to scare. Adorabat made her cry in fear just by describing a simple monster in "I Love You Mao Mao"


  • Ballet: She is seen dancing ballet several times in the background
  • Building: She built a cage of sticks in "Bao Bao's Revenge"

Episode Appearances


  • She is the first character to speak in the series.
  • Ketchup bears some resemblance to the Happy Tree Friends character Giggles.


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