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Early Life


Mao Mao was born as a member of the Mao Clan, as the youngest child

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and only son of Shin Mao.


For the majority of his childhood, he had always dreamed to become a hero, only to be mocked by his older sisters. Throughout

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his childhood, he also suffered from negligence from his father Shin Mao, no matter how he struggled to impress Shin Mao. This later resulted in his Historic Personality Disorder.

Some time as a child, his dad gifted him his katana Geraldine, which he has been cherishing and wielding

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it ever since. In a certain point of his childhood, Mao Mao was forced to give up cobbler because his family, particularly his dad, forbade him.

When he was five years old, Shin Mao confiscated Mao Mao's Geraldine and left him in a rural Japanese-styled town instead of taking him along on the family adventure. During his stay in the

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town, Mao Mao met a stray Shiba Inu puppy (which would later be named Bao Bao). During his stay, he kept messing up on braiding ropes, catching wasps instead of butterflies and got bullied by other kids. Initially, Mao Mao didn't really like the puppy, but after they sent the Flimborg away from the town, they became friends, even though this incident caused them to get severely punished.


Some time prior to embarking his journey as a hero, Shin Mao gave him

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clothes. To him, it was the closest that Shin Mao acknowledged him with actual recognition.

Later in his teenage years, Mao Mao embarked on his on heroic quest with Bao Bao. The two were best friends back then, until one day Bao Bao unintentionally left Mao Mao behind during the search of the Amulet of Borflagon due to Bao Bao being distracted by a butterfly. This led to Mao Mao losing his tail permanently.


Sometime later in his adulthood, Mao Mao became partners with Tanya Keys, but they soon parted ways,

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because Mao Mao himself had been a rule-stickler whereas Tanya preferred being a vigilante.

One day, when Mao Mao encountered the Thicket Thieves and managed to defend himself against them, he met one of its members Badgerclops. Ultimately, Badgerclops decided to side with Mao Mao after the battle, and they became best friends ever since.

Life at the Pure Heart Kingdom

Arrival and Becoming Sheriff

On a fateful day, Mao Mao and Badgerclops sneaked onto a ship and had a fierce battle against the Sky Pirates to intercept their wicked scheme of destroying the Ruby Pure Heart, causing them to lose most members except for Ramaraffe, Boss Hosstrich, Ratarang and the

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leader Orangusnake. Nonetheless, they were too busy fleeing and unintentionally caused the invisible Ruby Pure Heart to crack when riding the Aero-cycle.

As a result, they crash-landed into the town centre and were introduced to the seemingly innocent Sweetypies. Mao Mao didn't want to trust them, but they seem to be clueless and friendly towards his hostility. Abruptly, the kingdom which is no longer protected by the Ruby Pure Heart has attracted a large reptile monster, but Mao Mao and Badgerclops team up and send it flying. However, he soon realized that sparing Adorabat didn't mean he could leave as he was guilt-ridden to know that his Aero-cycle had cracked the heart.

At first, Mao Mao was reluctant to take in Adorabat as his apprentice, but after Adorabat assisted him and Badgerclops to defeat the Sky Pirates for the first time, he finally appreciated Adorabat and allowed her to be trained under his guidance and become part of his team. Since then, he and his two friends were appointed as sheriffs to protect the kingdom.