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Rules and Regulations

  • In accordance to Fandom's ToU, users under the age of 13 (16 in the EEA, not including the UK) are not allowed to be editors on the wiki.
  • Conduct courteous etiquette: absolutely do not harass, threaten, intimidate, and impersonate other users in any form.
  • Mild profanity (such as hell, damn, piss, ass, or bastard) is permitted when not frequently used or directed at another user. Strong profanity (such as the F-Bomb, S-Bomb, "Female Dog") is prohibited by all means. Content links with profanity must be given a warning first before being sent.
  • Discriminatory slurs and hate speech are not tolerated and results in an infinite block.
  • Do not discuss or share sexually explicit content.
  • No destructive behavior such as vandalism, spamming, trolling. This will result an infinite block.
  • Advertisements that make users to sign up or pay for is prohibited.
  • Multiple accounts are not allowed unless it is authorized for use of a bot program.
    • Do not use multiple accounts to evade your block as it will amass to an infinite block.
  • Do not discuss or link piracy to view any form of media for free.
  • Please do not post any form of personal information about yourself for your own privacy and safety. Anyone on the Internet can see anything on the site.
  • Assume good faith. Do not engage in edit conflicts with other users. If you must explain why you outright reverted an edit, explain in the edit summary or on the user's message wall.
  • Respect the staff when they ask you to stop doing something disruptive.

Fanon Policy

  • Do not add speculative, non-canon, or fanon material to the article pages.
  • Fanon material is only allowed on your user page, your blog post, or on the discussions as long as it does not violate the rules. Majority of the time, fanon material should be posted at the fanon wiki.

Miscellaneous Policies

  • Only staff members may have staff templates and staff category on their profile pages.
  • Do not edit another user's profile page without their approval. Contact an admin if a user page has content that is against the regulations.
  • Article and blog comments created over 30 days are automatically locked to prevent users bumping old replies. Do not revive old discussions.
  • The content of your blog posts, discussion topics, and comments/replies must be relevant and substantial. Any off-topic and nonsensical content are subject to deletion.
    • Please place your discussions post to the appropriate category. Do not add any categories to your blog posts.
  • Users are only allowed to make 1 blog post and discussion post per day. Any posts over the maximum will be deleted.

File Policy

  • This is not a file/image-hosting website. Personal files that are uploaded to non-article pages should be kept to a minimum.
  • Unused files will be deleted without warning. If you want a file undeleted, contact a patroller or admin.
  • Low quality images can be replaced as long as it's in high quality.
    • Please contact an admin if you plan to reupload low quality images of an entire episode gallery.(Suggested to upload no more than 500 images from an episode). Try to avoid using duplicated or blank shots.
  • Try to follow the image naming and category system.

Block Policy

Rule punishments may vary based on the frequency of the issue and past violations done by the user. A staff member is within their right to block users breaking the rules.

A blocked user may dispute their block to the administrator by proving evidence or showing an attempt to correct your action(s). Fabricating false information will make your claim null and void and may get your ban extended.

Comply to all of the policies and do not game the system.