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Monsters are a recurring character type throughout the series. Most of them are threats to the residents of Pure Heart Valley, but not all of them are belligerent.


Monsters might have existed long before the establishment of Pure Heart Kingdom. Pure Heart Valley has traditionally been protected against monsters by the Ruby Pure Heart, which acts as a cloaking device. When Mao Mao accidentally damaged the Ruby Pure Heart, the kingdom became visible to the outside world.

As they have lived peacefully for so long, the Sweetypies are unable to defend themselves and rely on Mao Mao, Badgerclops, and Adorabat for protection from the hungry monsters that are now able to attack the kingdom.

In some other areas, however, the monsters might become tamed by the other inhabitants, and won't attack unless they are provoked.

Known Monsters

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This Section contains some monster names that have not been verified by an official source. Some of the information may be subject to change.

Large Raptor Monster

The Large Raptor Monster appears in "I Love You Mao Mao", wherein it fights and is defeated by Mao Mao shortly after the latter crash-lands in Pure Heart Valley. The creature resembles a large, raptor-like dinosaur that is primarily magenta in color, with a yellow underbelly, a reddish-orange beak, a light purple crest on its head, and medium-purple spines running down its head and back. It has a long tongue, and is seemingly able to spit acid. The monster later reappears in "Badge-A-Fire Explosion", wherein it "speaks" through the use of a translator collar developed by Badgerclops in his Ultra-Focused state.

Small Raptor Monsters

The Small Raptor Monsters appear in "I Love You Mao Mao", albeit very briefly. They resemble the Large Raptor Monster faced by Mao Mao in the same episode, except that they appear to have a more slender build, which makes them resemble small lizards or legged snakes. Also, unlike most monsters in the series, they appear to be somewhat timid, as they do not attempt to attack the newly-visible Pure Heart Valley, nor are they seen being fought by anyone.

Tapir Monster

The Tapir Monster is depicted during a flashback in "The Perfect Adventure", wherein it can be seen battling Mao Mao and Badgerclops.

Insect Monsters

The Insect Monsters are brown, mantis-like creatures that live beneath Pure Heart Valley. They appear in "The Perfect Adventure", wherein they attack Mao Mao and his friends. These monsters are also seen very briefly in "Trading Day", but only in Adorabat's imagination, as she was merely attacking (and eating) ordinary insects.

Slime Monster

The Slime Monster is a large pink blob that appears in "Enemy Mime". Although initially dormant, it awakens after its puddle is disturbed. This monster can quickly shapeshift to mimic its opponents, making direct attacks highly ineffective. The Slime Monster is also highly absorbent, expanding greatly when it comes in contact with a large body of water.

Unlike other monsters, the Slime Monster seems to possess a modicum of intelligence, as it is shown to understand Badgerclops to a certain extent, as well as dance with him.

Adorabat defeats the monster during her magic show, when it explodes in an attempt to mimic her disappearing act. It is not known whether the creature was truly destroyed, or if it was merely reduced to small pieces.

Jelly Monster

The Jelly Monster is a purple, jellyfish-like creature that appears in "Breakup", in which it is easily defeated by the teamwork of Mao Mao and Badgerclops. The creature appears to be edible, as the two grab a jarful of its remains to be used as an ingredient for baking a cake.

Rock Monster

The Rock Monster is a large, quadrupedal monster that appears to be made of stone. It appears in "Breakup", wherein it is attracted by Adorabat's fireworks. It is incredibly resilient, and it took the combined efforts of Mao Mao, Badgerclops, and Adorabat to create a new attack, which defeated it.

Giant Scaly Monster

The Giant Scaly Monster was seen briefly in "All by Mao Self". It was quickly defeated by Mao Mao after he fell on its head while wearing leg weights. This creature is also seen very briefly in "Bobo Chan", wherein Badgerclops envisions the episode's titular character floating into the mouth of this monster.

Gargantuan Monster

The Gargantuan Monster is a large, peach-colored, salamander-like creature that appears in "Ultraclops", wherein it tries to eat the Ruby Pure Heart before being stopped by a giant-sized Badgerclops.

Ankylosaurus Monster

The Ankylosaurus Monster appears in "No Shortcuts". Like a real ankylosaurus, it has a spiny shell on its back, and a spiny ball on its tail. The monster is quickly defeated by Adorabat and her Mega-Mech.

The Impressor

The Impressor is a massive, black dragon-like creature with red stripes and wings on the sides of its head. It appears in "Not Impressed", wherein it is seen terrorizing the Sweetypies by shooting molten, firework-like projectiles from its mouth. The Impressor is easily slain by Mao Mao, with help from Badgerclops and Adorabat.

Scarred Monster

The Scarred Monster is a large, stumpy, green dragon that appears in "Bao Bao's Revenge". It guarded the Amulet of Borflagon until Mao Mao and Bao Bao took it. The monster tracks Mao Mao to Pure Heart Valley, but is defeated by the combined teamwork of Mao Mao and Bao Bao.

Wind Lizard

The Wind Lizard was seen in "The Truth Stinks", wherein it used its nostrils to suck Mao Mao and Adorabat into its nasal cavity. It resembles a purple, quadrupedal dinosaur with small spines running down its back.

Imaginary Monster

The Imaginary Monster was seen in a hypothetical scenario envisioned by Mao Mao in "Outfoxed", wherein it gave a coin to a penniless Adorabat, and then ate her. It resembles the Wind Lizard from "The Truth Stinks", except that it is pink in color.

The Blorbchomp

The Blorbchomp was mentioned by Mao Mao in "Popularity Conquest". Virtually nothing is known about it, as it was fought off-screen, except that Mao Mao reported it as being "slain".


Curtis appears in "Popularity Conquest". It appears to be a chubby, green lizard. The monster is drawn to Pure Heart Valley by a garbage fire, and attempts to eat the Sweetypies upon its arrival. Aside from its large size, the creature has a long tongue that it can use to grab its prey. It is defeated by Mao Mao, who uses Badgerclops' prosthetic arm to fire a laser into its mouth.

Worm Monster

The Worm Monster appears in "Weapon of Choice", wherein it swallows Mao Mao, Badgerclops, and Adorabat, and tries to digest them.

Worm Parasites

The Worm Parasites appear in "Weapon of Choice", wherein they attack Mao Mao, Badgerclops, and Adorabat within the stomach of the Worm Monster.

Bird Monster

The Bird Monster is very briefly depicted in a flashback in "Weapon of Choice", wherein it can be seen fighting Mao Mao. Almost nothing is known about this monster, as it was only seen in silhouette, though it seems to resemble a griffin.

Ice Dragon

The Ice Dragon is a large, white dragon that appears in "Sick Mao". It has the power to shoot a beam of ice out of its mouth that freezes whatever it hits. It can also create wings of ice that resemble a snowflake in order to fly. The creature is very powerful and resilient, being able to overpower a charged blast from Badgerclops' laser. The monster is destroyed after Mao Mao gets it sick, causing it to explode.

Giant Leech

The Giant Leech appears briefly in "Sick Mao", wherein it was used by Camille in an attempt to cure Mao Mao of his Cold. The attempt was unsuccessful, as Mao Mao sneezed inside the Giant Leech's mouth, causing it to run away.

Bobo Chan

Bobo Chan is a turquoise reptilian monster who is briefly adopted by Badgerclops. She debuts in her eponymous episode, "Bobo Chan".

She was found as an egg in the forest where Mao Mao, Badgerclops, and Adorabat were training. She immediately latched onto her 'Baba', Badgerclops, who returned her affections and gave her a name. Badgerclops decides to keep her, though Mao Mao and Adorabat heavily protest his decision. Soon, she starts wreaking havoc in town, so Mao Mao tells Badgerclops to release her. Badgerclops agrees but says he will go live with her in the wild. After a while, Badgerclops uploads a video feed which reveals Bobo had been eaten by a bigger monster, which causes him to mourn her.

Approximately three months later, Bobo Chan appears fully grown and saves Mao Mao, Badgerclops, and Adorabat from the Sky Pirates. Badgerclops realizes that she was only able to become big and strong because she had to fend for herself and learned survival skills. He lets her go, but she immediately goes to terrorize Pure Heart Valley.

Her fate is currently unknown.

She has the ability to spit acid, which she first demonstrated not long after hatching. This ability improved when she became an adult, as she had enough precision to melt the ropes binding Mao Mao and Adorabat, while leaving the heroes unscathed.


Smoopy (as named by Badgerclops) is a monster that appears very briefly in "Bobo Chan". It resembles the Large Raptor Monster from "I Love You Mao Mao", except that its skin is purple, and its back spines are yellow.

Mr. Milkshake

Mr. Milkshake (as named by Badgerclops) is a monster that appears very briefly in "Bobo Chan". It resembles the Rock Monster from "Breakup", except that it is deep magenta in color, and appears to have a slightly softer skin tone.

Cocoa Butter

Cocoa Butter (as named by Badgerclops) is a monster that appears very briefly in "Bobo Chan". It resembles the Wind Lizard from "The Truth Stinks", except that it is mustard-colored.

Shell Monster

The Shell Monster Appears in "Small", wherein Mao Mao's father Shin Mao attempts to fight it, only to be knocked out of his mech suit, prompting Mao Mao to fight the monster all by himself.

Lizard Monster

The Lizard Monster appears in "Trading Day", wherein it swallows several Sweetypie children before it is ultimately defeated by the renewed teamwork of Mao Mao, Badgerclops, and Adorabat, who also manage to save the Sweetypies from being digested.


The Hydra appears in "Head Chef", wherein it attacks the titular cooking competition in which Mao Mao, Badgerclops, and Adorabat were contestants. Its dermis is green, and resembles an artichoke. Like its counterpart in Greek mythology, it has the ability to regenerate its heads if they are severed, with the amount of heads increasing with each decapitation.

Unlike most monsters in the series, which are seen attacking Pure Heart Kingdom without provocation, the Hydra presumably only attacked because its eggs were stolen for use as the featured ingredient for the contest.

Hog Monster

The Hog Monster appears in "Sugar Berry Fever", wherein it makes two attempts to eat the cobbler stored in Farmer Bun's barn. During its first attempt, it is defeated by Mao Mao using a technique depicted in The Hero's Code. During its second attempt, it ate some of the cobbler, and inexplicably became larger in a flash of magenta energy. However, it was once again defeated by Mao Mao, who had achieved his Golden Truth Form.

Giant Dragon

The Giant Dragon appears in an illustration in "Sugar Berry Fever", wherein it is depicted fighting an unidentified member of the Mao Clan.

Small Cobbler Monster

The Small Cobbler Monster is a presumably imaginary monster encountered by Mao Mao in "Sugar Berry Fever" when he struggles to suppress his desire to eat cobbler, which is expressly forbidden by The Hero's Code.

Large Cobbler Monster

The Large Cobbler Monster is a monster (which may or may not be imaginary) appearing in "Sugar Berry Fever", wherein Mao Mao confronts it inside an unknown part of the Hog Monster's digestive system. Mao Mao ultimately defeats the monster by admitting that he likes to eat cobbler, at which point he devours the creature and achieves his Golden Truth Form.

Astral Smoke Monster

The Astral Smoke Monster briefly appears twice in "Flyaway", wherein it is encountered by Adorabat on the Astral Plane. She escapes the creature at first, only to encounter it again later. However, Adorabat ultimately defeats the monster when she realizes she must face her fear of the Dentist.

Bat Monster

The Bat Monster appears in "Flyaway", wherein it attacks Mao Mao, Badgerclops, and several Sweetypies, prompting Adorabat to leave the Astral Plane and aid her friends in defeating the beast. The monster apparently has hypersensitive hearing (presumably because it has six ears), and can use its mouth to emit a sonic pulse that is capable of shattering a tree. Adorabat uses its sensitive hearing against it by popping several balloons near all six of its ears, creating a cacophonous feedback, which it seemed to find painful.

Spiked Dragon

The Spiked Dragon appears in Mao Mao's imagination in "Mao Mao's Nakey", wherein it attacks Adorabat and Badgerclops.

Sharp-Toothed Monster

The Sharp-Toothed Monster appears in Mao Mao's imagination in "Mao Mao's Nakey", wherein it eats Adorabat and Badgerclops.

The Flimborg

The Flimborg debuts in "Lonely Kid" during Mao Mao's flashback. It is a white monster with a ginormous horn on its nose and has brown mane. It usually dwelt in a nearby mountain of a Japanese-styled town, and the townspeople appeared to have tamed and befriended it. However, Mao Mao and Bao Bao accidentally provoked it and then catapulted it into parts unknown, as they had both mistakenly believed the Flimborg to be a vicious creature.

Maggot Monster

The Maggot Monster appeared in Mao Mao's flashback during "Scared of Puppets" as the second form of entertainment during Mao Mao's sixth birthday party. The Maggot Monster briefly broke out of its handler's confinement to (ineffectively) attack Mao Mao, who was completely unfazed, and even enjoyed the experience.

Elephant Monster

The Elephant Monster appeared in "Scared of Puppets", wherein it attacked Gary's Hairless Ape Dummy stand. It is a yellow monster that resembles an elephant with crater-like protrusions on its back.

Purple Worm Monster

The Purple Worm Monster appeared in Badgerclops' flashback during "Adoradad" when he told Eugene how he and Mao Mao used Adorabat as a bait to lure this monster out of hiding.

Cave Dragon

The Cave Dragon first appears in "Adoradad". It is a pale, eyeless monster that has large teeth and two conical bio-luminescent organs on its snout, which glow pink. It presumably killed Sonara when she attempted to protect Adorabat from it. It tries to attack Eugene, but ultimately gets crushed by pillars during its battle with Adorabat, Mao Mao, and Badgerclops.

Iguana Monster

The Iguana Monster is a reptilian monster that has blue skin, black claws, yellow sclera, and red spines on its back. It appeared in "Strange Bedfellows", wherein it attacked the kingdom when Mao Mao was fighting Orangusnake, and injured them both fairly severely.


  • Mao Mao and Badgerclops are experienced in fighting Jelly Monsters, and often celebrate with a Jelly Donut Cake, in which some of the Jelly Monster's remains are used as an ingredient.
  • Despite being similar in appearance to a Jelly Monster, the Slime Monster does not seem to be made of jelly, as the heroes were surprised when it did not dissolve in a lake.
    • The Slime Monster might actually be water-based, as it was apparently created from a small puddle.
  • Thus far, only six individual monsters have been named.
    • Mao Mao has named two monsters: The Impressor in "Not Impressed", and Curtis in "Popularity Conquest".
      • In the latter instance, Mao Mao only named the monster "Curtis" so he could find a rhyme for it in his song.
    • Badgerclops has named four monsters: Bobo Chan, Smoopy, Mr. Milkshake, and Cocoa Butter, all of whom were named in "Bobo Chan".
    • The Blorbchomp mentioned in "Popularity Conquest" and the Flimborg from "Lonely Kid" may not count, as it was not clear if "Blorbchomp" and "Flimborg" were the names of their respective species, or their proper names.
  • Out of all the Monsters who have made a physical appearance, only two have been identified by their species: the Jelly Monster from "Breakup" and the Hydra from "Head Chef".
    • Before the Hydra's first physical appearance, Shin Mao mentions in "Small" that one of his daughters, Minori, had slain a Seven-Headed Hydra while she was baking a soufflé.
      • Additionally, Hydra eggs were briefly featured in "Meet Tanya Keys", wherein they were stated to be illegal. However, at some point before or during the events depicted in "Head Chef", Hydra eggs became legalized, as mentioned by King Snugglemagne.
        • Even before Hydra eggs were legalized, Tanya Keys revealed there was a restaurant in Pure Heart Kingdom called Sushi Hut that offered at least one dish containing them, though this fact was probably not openly disclosed.
  • The Flimborg is the first known monster of the series that is stated to be tame.
  • The Wind Lizard was originally going to dissolve into a skeleton in the "stink-nado". When his bones landed, his skeleton would be reconstructed with a xylophone. Obviously, this didn't make the cut.[1]


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