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Muffins is an inhabitant of Pure Heart Valley.


Muffins is a small yellow mouse with pink heart-shaped patches on her cheeks, big ears, and a long, thin tail. Being a baker among the Sweetypies, she wears a blue apron at all times to signify her culinary talent even when not cooking.


Muffins, like any typical inhabitant of the valley, is very nice. She clearly detests people who use violence (at least as she deems it so), and can be ungrateful, even when it is used as a means to help her, such as when she stops being Mao Mao's fan after he starts beating up the monster.

She is also hypersensitive, starting to sob in "Trading Day" after getting involved in Pinky and Adorabat's conflict.

At times, however, Muffins can be mentally unstable, namely in "Mao Mao's Nakey" when she suddenly descends into madness after feeling annoyed by her shouting neighbors.

Episode Appearances


  • Cooking: She is usually seen with baked goods she has made.
  • Limited Combat Skills: In "Enemy Mime", she throws a rolling pin at the slime monster.


  • In the episode "Bobo Chan", she is revealed to have a baby, but the father is unknown. But maybe the baby is not his, he is just looking after it. In this case, the baby's parents are relatives or friends of Muffins, because they have dared to entrust him with their baby.
  • Her voice actress also voices Scoops, Marion, Ketchup, Camille, and Ramaraffe.


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