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No More Waiting is an insert song that is played "Lonely Kid".


As I wait for time to fly with the seasons rushing by,
I wonder all alone,
This path will always be my own,
I might be better off this way,
Forever and a day
Friendships are coming and gooooooing,
But summer is already shooooowing,
Just for todaaaaay
As I wait for the brighter times to come,
who can wait?
The feeling,
The struggle,
A different point of view,
The fire,
The glory,
To see what I can do!
As I wait longer and longer,
It's caaaaaalling ever stronger,
I love you (love you, love you),
If you're crashing like a wave,
I try not to misbehave,
If you try to understand me,
I'll understand you (I'll understand you)
When your life is scared away,
I will bring it back tooo you,
No more waaaiting,
Or debaaating,
I can feel us as two
I had waited for a time when I finally saw a friend,
I was waiting for someone who could say,
"I love youuuu"
In the end it's crystal clear,
I am free when you are near me,
For forever and a day,
You've got me right by your side,
As we wonder on togeeetheeeer!
I love youuuu,
With the seasons rushing by,
We wander on together,
and my dreams are coooming truuuuue


  • While this series already included insert song since Sick Mao, this is the first original insert song in this series.