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No! I am a great warrior! I'm not gonna let the opinion of one person tear down my superior self esteem. No one can-

—Mao Mao

"Not Impressed" is the 7th episode of the first season of Mao Mao: Heroes of Pure Heart, and the 7th episode overall.


When a Sweetypie isn’t impressed with the sheriff dept’s [sic] antics, our three heroes try everything to win him over.


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The episode begins as Mao Mao, Badgerclops, and Adorabat battle the Impressasaur that is wreaking havoc on the citizens of Pure Heart Valley. Mao Mao brutally decapitates the draconian beast (offscreen) and basks in the crowd's applause. However, Mao Mao notices that one Sweetypie, Ol' Blue, isn't impressed by his heroic acts. This triggers flashbacks from his childhood and thus, Mao Mao vows to earn the dog's praise.

"You see that?"

The trio, led by Mao Mao, stalk Ol' Blue, watching him from the bushes while he's drinking tea. Adorabat sneaks away from the other two and performs a hip-hop dance in front of Ol' Blue, who is impressed (much to the surprise of Mao Mao) and gives her a gold coin, which she spends on ice cream. Mao Mao and Badgerclops try to perform their own little skit, until Badgerclops realizes that he can just buy his own ice cream. Mao Mao tries to do the act with a random Sweetypie, but once again fails to impress Blue. Blue gets up and leaves, prompting Mao Mao to follow him. The desperate sheriff chases Ol' Blue around, freaking the dog out as Mao Mao makes aggressive, crazed attempts to earn his praise. Blue manages to get to his car and drives away after a brief scuffle.

His Father is Not Impressed?!

Mao Mao has a flashback to his childhood, where he is trying to get the attention of Shin Mao. However, Shin Mao is unfazed and continues training Mao Mao's sisters to be legends, leaving Mao Mao feeling dejected. Back in the present, Badgerclops and Adorabat try to comfort Mao Mao, but inadvertently give him an idea for another scheme to earn Ol' Blue's praise. Mao Mao disguises himself as Chubbum to get Blue to be impressed with him; which he does without realizing Mao Mao is in costume.

Not Impressed 213.png

Mao Mao then laughs victoriously as he emreges from the costume, for he finally got Blue to be impressed by him, but during his emotional high, he accidentally calls Ol' Blue "daddy", revealing to everyone why he wanted Ol' Blue's attention so badly. The episode ends with Mao Mao receiving a therapy session from Ol' Blue, talking to him about his problems. Mao Mao feels freer now that he finally has someone to talk to about his issues, and he sets up another appointment for the next Thursday.





  • Mao Mao has numerous battle scars he keeps hidden underneath his belt. Parker stated that he actually has scars all over his body, revealing his tummy scars only by pushing up his belt and fur in that area.
  • Mao Mao is revealed to be double jointed.
  • When Mao Mao defeats the Impressasaur, Lucky's reaction is backed by a somber sounding guitar that sounds strikingly similar to "Sound of Silence", by Simon & Garfunkel.
  • Parker Simmons had made several remarks about this episode:
    • He revealed that this is one of the very first episode ideas by Michael Moloney's. He considered Mao Mao calling a grown stranger daddy was of course his idea for the worst thing that could happen.[1]
    • He said that the song "you better believe I love me like a friend" was written by Nora Meek after a note he called where Mao Mao originally only said "three whole friends." He found how Blue didn't respond was a great fix and very funny. [2]
    • He was the person who composed Adorabat's rap in freestyle. The origin gag was there was construction happening and the audience would hear AD saying shocking things between jackhammer.[3]

Cultural References

  • The song that Mao Mao and Badgerclops begin to sing and dance to is called the "Left All Alone Again Blues." The word "Hubby" is replaced with "Doggy" as a reference to Bao Bao, Mao Mao's dog.


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International premieres

  • March 17, 2020 (Poland)



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