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Speaker Dialogue
Badgerclops So what are we doing tonight?
Mao Mao Battling the Impressasaur! Pay attention!
Badgerclops Okay, one, stop naming them, you'll get attached. And two, can we get a little fade mark after this?
Mao Mao Pay attention!
Chester Oh look, it's the sheriff's department, here to defeat the monster!
Mao Mao Okay, they're watching. I'm going in. Ahh... Ha! Hot-dog, I'm impressive! Oh yeah... I know, I know, I'm amazing. Check this out!
Badgerclops Ahh! No, ah, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, oh, ahh, ooh... Okay, a couple of updates. Wanna park the Aerocycle over, uh, there. Two-
Mao Mao Where's Adorabat?
Badgerclops Fighting Impressasaur.
Mao Mao What?!
Badgerclops And two, I wanna get a pretzel!
Adorabat Don't worry, Sergeant Adorabat is on the field! Hit the destruction, boys! Kick those booties!
Badgerclops Hey Impressasaur, look over here! So, my job is to be the bait, while Mao Mao attacks you from behind. And I can tell you all this because you don't know where it's because you're dumb. Wait, how did it get me to be the bait?
Mao Mao Now, now, settle down. A hero doesn't need gratitude, we only- oh, uh, are those essential ones? Uh-no, ahem, we don't accept gifts, although we are helpless to accept, your applause! Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha! What? What's his problem? Can he tell a legendary hero when he sees one? The audacity!
Badgerclops Hey Mao, look at this one, he's trying to clap! He's trying to clap, he can't even do it... Oh look "Mr. Attitude" over there, flying off the handle with his... disinterest!
Ol' Blue I can hear you.
Badgerclops How dare you listen to me when I'm talking about you?
Mao Mao That's it, clear off the area! All Sweety Pies dispersed!
Badgerclops Except, that one! You... may apologize now.
Ol' Blue I don't know, I'm just not impressed by you.
Mao Mao Not impressed?
Mao Mao (young) Tada!
Mao Mao What is this feeling? Oh no, this is dredging up some old memories.
Adorabat You're not impressed by us? Well let me ask you by this! Do you love your mommy? Do you love your mommy?!
Mao Mao No, no no no no, we'll get to that later.
Ol' Blue Sorry I'm, just not impressed.
Mao Mao Not impressed?
Mao Mao (young) Watch me, watch me, watch me...
Mao Mao I am impressive!
Mao Mao (young) Watch me, watch me, watch me...
Mao Mao No! I am a great warrior! I'm not gonna let the opinion of one person tear down my superior self-esteem. No one can-
Badgerclops Dude, you're literally watching someone inside a bush! Stalking someone all night is mutually exclusive to not caring about their opinion.