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Pure Heart Valley is the main setting of Mao Mao: Heroes of Pure Heart. It's first seen in "I Love You Mao Mao".


Pure Heart Valley is a heavily-forested region. It's also moderately hilly and surrounded by tall mountains.

Pure Heart Kingdom

The throne room of the royal palace

The Pure Heart Kingdom is home to the Sweetypies, a colorful race of small animals ruled by King Snugglemagne. They're very friendly and peaceful people, but the majority of them lack any combat skills, and are unable to defend themselves. However, there are Sweetypies who are capable of combat, the most notable example being Adorabat.

Ruby Pure Heart

The damaged Ruby Pure Heart

The Ruby Pure Heart is a gargantuan, heart-shaped crystalline object that sits on top of the kingdom, protecting the Sweetypies with its magical cloaking power. After Mao Mao accidentally crashes into it, the Ruby Pure Heart gains a star-shaped crack on its surface and is no longer functional. This, however, hasn't deterred Orangusnake, who still attempts to steal it in his quest to rule the world. In the episode "Orangusnake Begins", it's revealed to possess mysterious magical properties, as it released a beam of energy which turned the Sky Pirates' Airship into a mechanical titan. And In "Zing your heart out" it's energy affected Adorabat given her powers to turn her "heckle" into energy blast captable of hurt people ego and building, but taking control of her.

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