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Rhett the Chef is an inhabitant of Pure Heart Valley who, as his title describes, works as a chef.


Rhett is a blue dog with triangle shaped ears and a rectangle shaped head. He wears a white chef’s hat and red scarf tied around his neck. He also wears a white chef’s shirt with four buttons. He has a short, fluffy tail.


Like other Sweetypies, he has a pleasant and simple personality, welcoming the delivery-boy "Apple" when he dropping off supplies in his kitchen at the castle, commenting how nice his name was. He also seems happy and eager to cook, as he often seems happy while preparing ingredients.

Rhett also has a very meek demeanor. He gets easily scared as shown in "The Perfect Adventure" when Mao Mao surprised him and he passed out by the sheer shock from it. This seemed to have a lasting impact with the sheriff as shown when Mao Mao questions him in "Fright Wig“, sweating nervously and hesitating to answer Mao Mao's rather aggressive line of questioning, though this might be also be factor due to King Snugglemagne's demands of silence from his servants in the episode. He was also found passed out after Mao Mao exposed the King being the one undermining their investigation, implying he faints easily under stress.





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