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Ronald is a seldom-seen guard in King Snugglemagne's castle, often appearing in and out of the shadows to take away prisoners on behalf of the King's orders.


Ronald appears to be incredibly tall, even more so than Badgerclops.

He wears the typical uniform of all the palace guards, with the addition of a mask over his face.


Ronald only shows up upon the King's request for someone to be "taken away". He does this in a rather menacing way, but eases up when the King dismisses him.


  • Stealth: Ronald  appears to come and go from the shadows whenever the King orders him to take someone away.  He can appear right behind his target without them noticing, as well a disappearing almost as quickly as he entered.


  • He seems to be the most menacing Sweetypie in Pure Heart Valley.
  • Much like Quinton, he appears seemingly out of nowhere, despite whenever or wherever on the King's demand, despite wherever he maybe at.
  • It is unknown where he takes his prisoners when the King orders them to be "taken away". Quinton was taken by him in "Fright Wig", but then he returned alright later on.
  • Ronald's wearing of a mask on his face may be a reference to a medieval executioner, who wear black masks over their faces before an execution.
  • He bears a heavy resemblance to one of Orangusnake's Sky Pirates that fell out of his ship in the first episode. Both are incredibly tall and muscular, and both have pointed ears and glowing eyes.
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