Rufus is one of the antagonists appearing in Mao Mao: Heroes of Pure Heart. He makes his debut in "Outfoxed". He and Reggie are scam artists who started a holiday called, "Takesgiving" in order to trick others into give them their valuables.


Like Reggie, Rufus is full of greed and enjoys exploiting other’s trust to acquire things they seek.

He is also amoral and a manipulative sociopath, exhibiting no signs of guilt or remorse in his actions of conning the Sweetypies of their valuables. In fact, Rufus is willing to harm Adorabat and even use her as leverage against Mao Mao.

Nonetheless, he is gullible enough to be fooled by disguises, as he divulges his plan to Mao Mao unknowingly without knowing that he is disguising himself as Adorabat.


  • Julian Barratt, who provides the voice for Rufus previously portrayed similarly manipulative fox in “The Strange Tale of the Crack Fox,” from Season 3 of “The Mighty Boosh.”
  • Rufus might be left-handed.

    Notice which hand he has used to hold the wallet?

  • Rufus has a similar vibe to Zootopia's male protagonist Nick Wilde, who is a handsome charming fox like him.
    • Nevertheless, unlike Nick who has changed his ways, Rufus doesn't repent himself from his crimes and ends up getting his own punishments.


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