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If you're ever scared, just let your friends know. We'll always be there to help

—Mao Mao

"Scared of Puppets" is the 35th episode of the first season of Mao Mao: Heroes of Pure Heart, and the 35th episode overall.


Mao Mao is scared of puppets.


The episode starts at the HQ when Mao Mao and his team are caring away a box full of old toys. So, He wants Adorabat to go up to the attic with her, but she said that


she is afraid to go up stairs because it's dark. Mao Mao Cheers up her and says that it’s not scary at all, and Adorabat thinks so. But suddenly, Badgerclops waits for him to move, Which makes Mao Mao completely shocked with a hairless ape dummy named "Mr. Din Danalin".

He remembers in a flashback in his birthday, With a Cowboy Frog doing some tricks, and a Sheep holding a creepy doll and Mao Mao gets scared at it. Suddenly its head falls on him which made him scream. Badgerclops wonders if he is scared of puppets. But Mao Mao thinks where did he get the dummy. So his co-Hero tells that He buys it from Gary at the carnival. His co-Hero could just burn it if Mao Mao wants to, Adorabat tells Badgerclops that he’s not afraid of anything.

Scared of Puppets 017.png

She tells him that Mr. Din Danalin can come (Which Badgerclops named it). Mao Mao said yes, but he lied to them.

Later, Outside, he was checking his list, But Badgerclops wonders why he is walking so fast. Then, He starts to bully him by tossing

Scared of Puppets 051.png

the doll over and over again until Mao Mao barfs. Adorabat tells Mao Mao that he needs to know his friends will support him he's scared, but Mao Mao insists that he had bad shellfish for lunch, So he notice he missed lunch without his friends. He points at the Sky and runs away.

In the Kingdom he checks Chubbum’s Hurt Leg from the pothole. Badgerclops tries to fix it, and then Mao Mao notices that he is playing a trick on him and ditch’s

Scared of Puppets 063.png

him. He tells Badgerclops to fix the pothole and runs away. Chubbum tells if he could come, But Badgerclops admitted him by going away. Meanwhile, Mao Mao arrests Slim Pigguns for touching cactuses, Then the two pop out of the dumpster and tries to scare him. But Mao Mao pushes them back inside, and he goes to Adult Learning Annex to teach the adults about CPR. At Adult Learning Annex, Mao Mao teaches Pinky and Penny about CPR,

Scared of Puppets 079.png

But Penny reminds him of her hair-sprays and Pinky is gonna eat here. As Badgerclops was going inside, he brings him a sleeping bag, Mao Mao looks and the doll appears inside (and he remembers about he’s 10 years old). Which causes him to knock down the lamp pose and gets the building on fire.

Badgerclops admits that Mao Mao is afraid of puppets, but MM is still proving him he’s not scared. Later,

Scared of Puppets 174.png

in the night, He dreams about a nightmare about the doll. In the morning, He gets up for trouble at the carnival. At the carnival, Gary tells Jaybird that his hairless ape dummies could attract dark forces while a giant Elephant monster sucks up some lemons and shoots slime, as Mao Mao holds his sword, he was surrounded by a whole bunch of creepy dolls. Then, the doll comes to life and speaks to

Scared of Puppets 211.png

him. While his friends are still beating up the Elephant monster, He fainted and dreams about the doll saying that heroes aren’t afraid of anything.

Adorabat starts to wake him up and gives him his sword, and which they both break the dolls and Badgerclops apologizes for bullying him. Then, Adorabat drops a doll which defeats the elephant monster, Mao Mao believes that he’s is afraid of puppets (after some dolls fall and his co-Hero covers his eyes). Back at the HQ, Badgerclops puts the dolls into the fire and burns it. Badgerclops tells Adorabat that he will grave his revenge and Mao Mao faints, as ending the episode.





  • This episode reveals that Mao Mao has Pupaphobia, though seemingly only of ventriloquist's dummies.
  • It is also revealed that Adorabat is afraid of the dark in this episode.
  • This episode was originally inspired by Parker's wife's revulsion towards ventriloquist dummies, it's original outline was also planned to just be "Mao Mao having horrific hallucinations in a basement for 11 minutes".


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International premieres

  • July 25, 2020 (Southeast Asia/The Philippines)
  • October 23, 2020 (Poland)


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