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Speaker Dialogue
Badgerclops Hurry, Mao Mao! We need your help! Aah! Aah! I can't find the remote.
Adorabat Oh, no! How are we gonna watch TV?!
Mao Mao Uh, did you look under the sofa cushions?
Adorabat I'll check. Ow!!
Badgerclops Uh, let me check. Brace yourself, Sophia. Aah! Uh, Mao Mao, I'm pretty sure you promised you wouldn't hide weapons in the sofa anymore.
Mao Mao Well, you never moved your garbage out of the living room!
Badgerclops Pssh. The audacity it must take for you to call that garbage. This is valuable salvage, dude.
Mao Mao Badgerclops, you found this in the garbage, alright?! You need to throw things away! And the same goes for Dipping Sauce Cup Mountain.
Badgerclops I love that the name's catching on.
Adorabat I found the remote!
Mao Mao Adorabat! You -- You ruined it with your awful paint!
Adorabat I'm sorry.
Mao Mao Aw, great. Okay, it's broken. You know what? That's it! No more paints in the living room!
Adorabat No fair! I said sorry and everything!
Badgerclops Adorabat, you got paint on my robo-arm!
Adorabat Wait. Are we still on me?
Badgerclops Oh, no, it's getting through the knife hole! Everybody back! She's getting hot!
Adorabat My paint made your arm hot! Art is magic.
Badgerclops Aah! It's too hot! It's too hot! Aaah!! Adorabat, what are you doing?
Adorabat Blue is the color of cold. My magic brush will fix this.
Mao Mao Badgerclops, just eject it!
Badgerclops No! That's a terrible idea.
Mao Mao Come on. Where's that switch? Got it!
Adorabat, Badgerclops, & Mao Mao Look what you did!
Orangusnake And dinner is served!
Ramaraffe A metal beam? I thought something non-metal was gonna be in there, Lord Orangusnake.
Orangusnake Ramaraffe, you spoiled brat!
Boss Hosstrich Hold on, now. Our surveillance bug is picking up a phone call. Oh, it seems like Sheriff Mao Mao's ordered himself a new sofa.
Orangusnake Who orders stuff by the phone anymore? I really hate that guy. Wait! Boss Hosstrich! Get me that tracking information.
Ratarang Oh, boy! You got a plan to beat those jerks in the sheriff's department, don't ya, boss?
Orangusnake Yes, my sweet Ratarang. I have quite the most devilish plan, indeed.
Mao Mao And right...there. Where'd you get those balloons?
Penny What are you, a cop?
Mao Mao Uh, yeah.
Adorabat I hate it! It's too high.
Mao Mao Well, I like it. It's the perfect tactical advantage in home-furnishing solutions. Now no one can sneak up on me while I'm watching TV.
Orangusnake Okay, now that we've snuck up on them, we just need to wait for them to go to sleep. And will everyone please get their feet off my face?!
Ramaraffe Sorry, boss. I was just so excit-- Ow!
Boss Hosstrich Ow!
Ramaraffe Ow! Ow!
Mao Mao Look at all these sheaths from my sword!
Badgerclops Uh, I thought we agreed to keep Sophia, guy.
Mao Mao No, you decided that because you never throw anything away!
Badgerclops You would just throw away this sofa? After everything she's done for us? What kind of legendary hero does that?
Mao Mao A really high-up one. No. No. No, Adorabat! No paints on the couch!
Adorabat It's not fair! If Badgerclops gets to keep his garbage in the living room, I should be allowed to do my paints.
Badgerclops The difference is, though, my salvage has sentimental value. Art is nothing like that.
Adorabat Art has the power to change people!!
Mao Mao Well, I don't want to change. And I don't want to compromise, neither. I want to prepare.
Adorabat Uh, prepare for what?
Badgerclops Oh, boy.
Mao Mao Giant monsters, sky pirates? Take your pick. They could be out there right now. But thanks to this new strategically tall sofa, I've never been safer.
Ratarang What a goon! Oh, no.
Mao Mao I'm telling you there's a switch in here somewhere. You're never gonna guess what it does.
Badgerclops A million bucks says it turns into a tank.
Mao Mao Ooh! I found something. Wait. Oh! Oh, no, I think this is it. Here we go. Look! Look! Look! Look! Look! Look! Look! Look how safe we are now.
Badgerclops Pay me.
Orangusnake Ratarang, switch it back! Switch it back!
Ratarang I'm tryin'! I'm tryin' over here!
Mao Mao What? No! What's ha-- Aah! I guess it needs to charge. Where are you going?
Badgerclops Sophia and I are moving into the kitchen! Or as I like to call it, Snack Island.
Adorabat Can I still use the kitchen?
Badgerclops No, Adorabat. No vessel shall set port in the sovereign land of Snack Island.
Adorabat If we're calling dibs on rooms, I call dojo!
Mao Mao Ah, hold it! I want the dojo.
Adorabat Too late! I already called it! Aaaah!!
Mao Mao Stay away from that weapon rack! Adorabat! Are my weapons okay?
Adorabat Don't worry. They just need a fresh coat of paint.
Mao Mao Ugh, I hate this! I hate this! I hate this!
Orangusnake Just...a few...more...hours. The coast is clear. Wow. Their house is really nice.
Ramaraffe I want to see!
Orangusnake Shush!
Ramaraffe Only some things are made of metal. Whoa! That's not metal. That's not metal. That's not metal.
Boss Hosstrich Aww, look at how cute he looks. Let me be the one to do it.
Orangusnake No. No. No. No. No. No. This one's mine. Ooh, this is gonna be so good! Goodbye, Mao Mao.
Ramaraffe Boss, you got to come see this!
Orangusnake This better be, like, really dope and fresh. Alright, what's the big -- Oh, Mama!
Ramaraffe Sauce!
Ratarang Dipping sauces, boss! They just collect dipping sauces over here.
Boss Hosstrich What's this, now? Is that me? I used to do drawings like this. Brat shows promise.
Orangusnake Oh, we'll just see about this. Ohh, sweet mango habanero! Okay, new plan -- We go back into the sofa, and then we come out every night and eat delicious sauces and, I don't know, watch TV and stuff.
Boss Hosstrich You mean we're just gonna live here?
Ramaraffe I love it!
Ratarang Are we...finally home, boss?
Orangusnake Yes, my sweet Ratarang. Yes, we are.
Mao Mao The living room's never been safer. Ooh, quiet, you. Wait. What's that wonderful smell?
Badgerclops Oh, I'm just making myself a nice, delicious cobbler. Oh, wait. Cobbler is your favorite food, isn't it? I'm so sorry. I forgot.
Mao Mao Can I have some?
Badgerclops Oh, sure. Yeah. Oh, except you wanted me to start throwing stuff away, so...ugh!
Mao Mao Badgerclops, you are crossing the line!
Adorabat I'm done painting the dojo.
Mao Mao The entire...dojo?!
Adorabat Wait a minute. I need more paints. Give me your sauces!!
Badgerclops No, get away from them!
Ratarang Oh, she's ruining the sauces over here!
Badgerclops You little monster! Take this!
Adorabat My drawings!
Boss Hosstrich He destroyed her masterpieces!
Orangusnake Everyone, be cool! They're friends. They'll work this whole thing out.
Badgerclops Get out of my island! Oh, dude, you're taking my cobbler hostage?
Mao Mao What are you gonna do about it? Oh, my defenses!
Badgerclops That's what I'll do.
Mao Mao If I can't have what I want, no one...can have anything!
Badgerclops Dude, you've gone nutso!
Mao Mao Yah, yah, yah, yah, yah, yah!
Badgerclops Aaah!! My robo-arm!
Ramaraffe They're cutting all the non-metal stuff!
Orangusnake These rotten sheriffs are making my precious crew cry! Ratarang, turn on the couch mech thingy! Don't you dare wreck our new home! Surprise, sheriffs!
Badgerclops Mao Mao, there's a man in the couch.
Mao Mao You were hiding in there the whole time?
Orangusnake Yes! We hid in your sofa to sneakily destroy you while you slept, and eat all your sauces, boy.
Mao Mao That's -- That's actually a really good plan.
Badgerclops Wow, dude, why don't you join them if you like them so much?
Mao Mao You're the one who started this when you started!
Orangusnake Are you -- Are you all ignoring us? Ratarang! Shoot something at them!
Ratarang Decorative pillow cannon over here!
Badgerclops Ow!
Mao Mao Ha! That's what you get. Adorabat!
Boss Hosstrich Could I commission y'all for some more artistical pieces?
Adorabat How will you pay me?
Boss Hosstrich With...exposure!
Adorabat Aaah!
Orangusnake Kick him in the shins!
Mao Mao Aah! You were right, Badgerclops. This sofa was a mistake! Ow! I was being selfish!
Badgerclops No, man, you were right. I don't need all this junk, and now I'm being crushed by it. I'm willing to compromise now!
Adorabat I don't know what compromise means! I just wanted to paint! I'm sorry!
Mao Mao Aah! Wait. The paint! It ruined Badgerclops' arm! Adorabat, paint everything in the sofa right now!
Adorabat Yes!
Boss Hosstrich Y'all gonna paint me something or not?
Orangusnake Boss Hosstrich, you fool! Art is useless! What's going on?
Adorabat Art! Art! Art!
Orangusnake No!
Adorabat Art!
Mao Mao We're coming, Badgerclops!
Orangusnake Stop them! Ow! Ow! Outdated technology!
Badgerclops Eat junk, punk!
Badgerclops & Mao Mao Double Sophia attack!
Orangusnake But we were so happy.
Mao Mao Great work, y'all. And now after Badgerclops compromised his junk and Adorabat used up all the paints, it's time for me to do the same. Badgerclops, can you help me take out the trash?
Badgerclops Dude, I already compromised my VCRs.
Mao Mao No! I-I mean the new sofa with the sky pirates.
Oranugsnake Hey! Hey! No. No. No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No!
Mao Mao Goodbye...Tony.
Badgerclops Dude, you named it Tony?
Orangusnake No! No! No, wait! No!
Mao Mao Yeah, I don't compromise with villains.
Orangusnake Ow! Ow! Ow! Please! No!
Boss Hosstrich, Orangusnake, Ramaraffe, & Ratarang We're okay!
Mao Mao We -- We didn't ask!
Badgerclops Hey, man, what you did was super cool. And Tony will forever be a part of you. You know what I'm saying?
Mao Mao You're right. Thank you, Badgerclops.
Badgerclops No, there's a piece of sofa lodged in your head.
Mao Mao No time for that. Sophia needs fixing. Ha, ha!
Badgerclops & Mao Mao Ahh!
Adorabat Yay!
Badgerclops Life is good, homey.
Mao Mao I miss Tony.