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Slim Pigguns is a pig inhabitant of Pure Heart Valley.


Slim is a floppy-eared yellow pig with pink hooves and a curly tail. He has a pink heart on his tummy.


Although he is nice and playful, Slim can be dangerously careless, as he repeatedly backed over Mao Mao, Adorabat, Badgerclops, Penny, and Benny with his monster truck in "He's the Sheriff". He’s even a danger to himself, setting his house on fire by burning a bowl of cereal in the oven.


  • Besides having poor driving skills, as shown in "He's the Sheriff", Slim was also seemingly trying to bury Jaybird alive in "Small".
  • In the episode "Orangusnake Begins", he delivered pizza to the Sheriff's department as a pizza delivery worker.
  • His name is a play on the expression ”slim pickings”, and possibly Slim Pickens, the stage name of actor and rodeo performer Louis Burton Lindley, Jr., who appeared in films like 1941, Blazing Saddles and Dr. Strangelove.


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