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Steel Wing is a minor character in Mao Mao: Heroes of Pure Heart. He is a former member of Orangusnake's pirate crew.


Steel Wing appears to be a green dragon with a cybernetically-augmented snout, horns, chest, and wings.


Steel Wing makes his debut with the other Sky Pirates in "I Love You Mao Mao". When Mao Mao and Badgerclops damage the ship, it tilts, causing Steel Wing and several other pirates to fall overboard. Because his wings are too heavy, Steel Wing cannot fly to safety, and plummets to the ground along with Beef Master, Thunder Fist, and at least three other unnamed crew members.


  • Despite having wings, Steel Wing seems unable to fly, as his wings are too heavy.
    • It is somewhat odd that Orangusnake was unaware of this fact, as he was Steel Wing's superior.
  • Steel Wing may have survived his fall from the Sky Pirates' Airship, as he can be heard saying "I'm okay" after he lands.

Steel Wing can't fly.


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