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This is a transcribed copy of Sugar Berry Fever.
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Speaker Dialogue
Farmer Bun Oh-ho, yeah! No, no, no, no, yeah, yeah, yeah!
Mao Mao Hmm! Alright, let's see here. Hmm, hmm. Hmm! Got it. And stay out. Ha ha.
Adorabat Wow, Mao Mao! How'd you do all that?
Mao Mao Why, with proper training, eating my vegetables, and most importantly, the Hero's Code!
Adorabat Wow! It's so shiny.
Badgerclops Whoa, whoa, whoa, wait. The Hero's Code is a real book? I thought you were just making it up as you went along.
Mao Mao It's far more than just a book. The Hero's Code contains generations of knowledge and tradition passed down through the Mao clan. Every great hero of the Mao family has abided strictly by these rules. And there's absolutely nothing that could ever shake my confidence in it.
Farmer Bun Ha, thank you for saving my farm, sheriff. Here, have some of my prize-winning cobbler.
Mao Mao Oh, no.
Badgerclops Move, get out of my way!
Adorabat Cobbler!
Farmer Bun Oh, don't be shy, now, sheriff. There's plenty of cobbler to go around here.
Mao Mao I can't. The Hero's Code forbids cobbler!
Badgerclops You're seriously gonna refuse cobbler because of some dumb book?
Mao Mao It's not a dumb book! If the code says a hero doesn't eat cobbler, then I don't eat cobbler, alright?
Badgerclops Sure you do. Here, let me help you. Come on. Just open your mouth! Open it!
Mao Mao Quit it!
Badgerclops Ow!
Adorabat But, Mao Mao, don't you like cobbler?
Mao Mao Oh, I want that cobbler, Adorabat. I want that cobbler more than you could ever imagine. If I had that cobbler, I would do things to it that would make my ancestors cry in shame. Oh, but I can't.
Adorabat Well, I'll just bring some home in case you change your mind.
Mao Mao Yeah, I won't.
Badgerclops Has anyone told you, you have issues?
Mao Mao I really want that cobbler. No! I'll just get some water. Quench my thirst, yeah. Hmm.
Badgerclops Gonna eat two chalupas. I ain't gonna poop ya. Hey, Mao!
Mao Mao Uh -- Uh, I'm not Mao Mao. I'm your conscience, yeah! Uh, and you're dreaming.
Badgerclops Oh, yeah? What's my biggest fear?
Mao Mao self-doubt! Whoo!
Badgerclops No. N-No, no, no-no, no-no-no!
Mao Mao Ha! Where is it? Where is it?! There we are. Well, it's really just trash at this point. I'm not breaking any rules. Whoa! Wh-What? No!
Cobbler Mao Mao...
Mao Mao Oh, boy.
Cobbler Put me in your mouth.
Mao Mao What?!
Cobbler Put me in your mouth. Come on.
Mao Mao But the code.
Cobbler Don't worry about the code.
Mao Mao But I --
Adorabat Hey, what's going on out there?
Mao Mao Go back to bed, Adorabat!
Cobbler Come on, Mao Mao. It'll be our little secret. No one has to know.
Mao Mao This feels all right.
Great-Great-Aunt Blackbeard Shame!
Mao Mao I'm so sorry, Great-Great-Aunt Blackbeard!
Great-Great Maternal Grandfather Twig Shame!
Mao Mao I'm sorry Great-Great Maternal Grandfather Twig.
Uncle Jim Jim Boo on you! Boo!
Mao Mao Wait, Uncle Jim Jim? When did you become a spirit? Ah!
Badgerclops No!
Mao Mao Wh-Wh-What's wrong, Badgerclops?
Badgerclops It's not there or there. Where is it?! It's gotta be somewhere! Aah! Who would do this?
Adorabat What's that on your face?
Badgerclops A clue.
Adorabat You didn't eat the cobbler, did you, Mao Mao?
Mao Mao What? No, of course, not. H-Heroes don't eat cobbler, remember? It was probably stolen.
Badgerclops I'm gonna check the security cameras immediately right now.
Mao Mao Cameras?
Badgerclops Hey, Mao, where'd you -- What happened to my surveillance system?!
Mao Mao Oh, the perp obviously tried to erase the evidence.
Badgerclops What a sick, degenerate, awful, bad thing to do!
Mao Mao J-J-Just a hunch, but if the perp broke into our HQ just for old cobbler, h-he'll probably want more.
Badgerclops Yeah, so do I. It's not a crime.
Mao Mao And if he wanted more, he'd have to go to the source.
Adorabat Psh, I know I would.
Badgerclops Great. We'll come with you. Or go without us. It's okay. I'm emotional right now anyway. Want to go dust for prints, Adorabat?
Mao Mao What am I doing? What am I doing? What am I doing?
Farmer Bun Howdy, sheriff. What brings you --
Mao Mao Bad news, Farmer Bun. We had a break-in at HQ. We think they might be after your cobbler stash. Sorry, I don't know why I'm doing that.
Farmer Bun Oh, not my cobbler stash! Looks like it's all here to me. Yeah, yeah. Uh, you alright, sheriff?
Mao Mao Nyum, nyum, nyum! I'm gonna have to taste test this cobbler...for evidence.
Farmer Bun Uh, hold on there, sheriff. I didn't offer you any.
Mao Mao Justice is far more important than your profits, Farmer Bun! Ashamed of yourself.
Farmer Bun No!
Mao Mao Okay. Step back from the cobbler before I charge you with obstruction of justice.
Farmer Bun That look in your eyes. Yep. You've got the fever.
Mao Mao Fever. Last warning, Farmer Bun, before I -- Whoa! Out of my way, Farmer Bun! I'm getting that cobbler. Ooh, double faking.
Farmer Bun You're not eating any of this cobbler, sheriff. You are out of control --
Mao Mao Double-jointed, baby!
Farmer Bun Oh, yeah. That boy's got the fever.
Adorabat Hey, Badgerclops, couldn't we have used all this flour and powdered sugar to make another cobbler?
Badgerclops Not a single fingerprint. Whoever did this had to be, like, wearing gloves or something. Huh? It looks like there's an emergency at Farmer Bun's farm. Wait! Mao Mao!
Farmer Bun Let go of me, you hooligan!
Mao Mao Why do I still feel guilty about this?
Badgerclops Freeze! Sheriff's department! Step away from the cobbler, Mao!
Mao Mao Uh --
Farmer Bun Stop him!
Badgerclops Time for those rodeo clown classes to pay off! I tell you what!
Mao Mao Wh-What is the meaning of this?! Untie me right now!
Badgerclops No! Not until you explain why you're going around, stealing barn cobbler.
Mao Mao You wouldn't understand. You -- My family didn't understand, either. Growing up, I loved cobbler.
Young Mao Mao Cobbler!
Mao Mao One day I even saved up enough to buy my very own. Brought it home, but my family...Ohh......disapproved. The only way I could become a hero someday was to destroy the very thing I loved. Since that day, I vowed to never eat another cobbler.
Badgerclops You think...that sob story is gonna get you out of this?!
Farmer Bun I hate to interrupt this tragic back story, but that monster's in my cobbler again.
Badgerclops Ah! Again?!
Mao Mao Untie me, Badgerclops. I can help.
Badgerclops Sorry, Mao. I can't trust you yet. Come on, Adorabat.
Adorabat Okay!
Badgerclops Get your head out of there! Why is he growing?
Farmer Bun It looks like he's got the fever, too. Aah!
Mao Mao Y'all, just untie me!
Badgerclops Run!
Mao Mao I'm free! Ha! Cease and desist, you beast! Whoa! What the -- Cobbler? No, I-I-I shouldn't. Just one taste. Uh-oh.
Badgerclops Mao Mao!
Mao Mao No! Let me out of here! No. Of course cobbler can't be sliced up. It's already mush. Mu-Mushy goodness.
Cobbler Oh...Now it's just you and me. No way out.
Mao Mao Out of my way, you tempting illusion! Aah!
Badgerclops Hey, Mao Mao, who are you talking to in there?
Mao Mao Uh, no one. There must be something in the code.
Badgerclops Oh, okay. Well, when you're done, we need your help out here.
Cobbler It's just the two of us in here. No one will know if you have a little bite.
Mao Mao But...I'll know!
Cobbler Well, if you won't eat me...Cobbler will eat you!
Mao Mao No, no! I can't! Ahh! I won't -- I won't lie to myself anymore.
Cobbler But it goes against your family's code!
Mao Mao My family's code -- not mine.
Badgerclops Adorabat, hold me. I'm scared.
Adorabat & Badgerclops Mao Mao!
Mao Mao I did it. I ate all of the cobbler. It felt so right!
Adorabat What is even happening today?
Badgerclops He's finally living...his golden truth.
Mao Mao This -- ha -- is my golden truth form. The power of who I really a--
Mao Clan Ancestors Shame! Shame! Shame! Shame!
Mao Mao Oh, put a cobbler in it!
Uncle Jim Jim That's actually pretty dang good.
Mao Mao I'm a hero and I eat...cobbler!
Adorabat That was incredible!
Badgerclops Dude, can you just do that from now on? I won't have to anything anymore.
Mao Mao No, Badgerclops. You knew that was concentration of years of repressed desire, but that doesn't matter. I was so caught up in the details of my family's code, I forgot the first rule of being a hero -- Be true to yourself. I think I'll take that cobbler now, Farmer Bun.
Farmer Bun Sure, go ahead. You've ruined my livelihood. You might as well take what little is left.
Mao Mao Thank you, friend.
Farmer Bun I hate you.
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