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Long time no see, Mittens.

—Tanya Keys

Tanya Keys is a bounty hunter and former partner of Mao Mao.


Tanya is a pinkish-red-furred tanuki with turquoise eyes. She has black fur on her ears, circular patches around her eyes, her arms, feet and the tip of her tail, as well as a white muzzle and chest fur. She appears to have two black whiskers on both cheeks. Tanya wears a small, light green cape tied around her neck to resemble a scarf.


Tanya is rebellious and mischievous, opposing Mao Mao's seriousness and sense of duty. She is crafty and agile, being clever enough to outsmart Mao Mao and outmaneuver him using her shape-shifting ability to slip away. Unlike Mao Mao she doesn't care for rules and regularly bends the law to her liking, which eventually broke their partnership.

She seems to have held a grudge for Mao Mao's choice of upholding the rules before their friendship, but they have since reconciled.



  • Shape-shifting: Using her leaves, Tanya is able to completely transform herself into anyone, being able to mimic their voice and appearance simultaneously, as well as transforming into objects. Tanya can create multiple clones of herself or other people and change their features (such as making her Pinky disguise have long, muscular legs) as she pleases. She is also capable of creating various objects, ranging from an ice cream cone to an anchor.

Tanya's Aero-truck

  • Piloting: Tanya owns a golden aero-truck, similar to Mao Mao's aero-cycle, which she can drive and pilot proficiently. She demonstrates this by using it to get away from Mao Mao, whom tries to catch up to her in order to save Badgerclops.


  • Leaves: Tanya uses green leaves to transform herself or create objects out of thin air to trick or use against her targets as projectile weapons. When struck once they revert to leaves.
  • Aero-truck: As mentioned above, Tanya owns a golden aero-truck that she can handle with great proficiency.


Mao Mao

Tanya had a brief partnership and friendship with Mao Mao but parted ways because of their differences. By the end of Meet Tanya Keys, they seem to have repaired their friendship. She enjoys provoking Mao Mao, much to his annoyance. It is implied that her and Mao Mao may have had a romantic interest in each other.

Tanya Keys teasing Mao Mao


Although Tanya was going to hand Badgerclops over to an unknown authority, they currently seem to be on good terms with each other, as they briefly bonded over teasing Mao Mao and Tanya willingly letting him go despite the large bounty.


Tanya has won the admiration of Adorabat quite quickly as Adorabat seems to have an interest in her and finds her cool. Although they are on good terms with each other, Tanya doesn't hesitate to capture Badgerclops at first, which saddens Adorabat for a while especially when Mao Mao briefly gives up chasing Tanya for Badgerclops.

Foreign voice actors

Language version Actors
Flag of Brazil.png Brazilian Portuguese Márcia Coutinho

Episode Appearances


  • Tanuki (also known as Japanese raccoon dog), in Japanese folklore are known to be able to transform themselves with leaves or use them as weapons.
  • Tanya's transformation sound effect is a direct reference to the sound effect from Super Mario Bros. 3's tanuki suit transformation.
  • Her name "Tanya Keys" is a wordplay of her species name "Tanuki".
    • Without her surname, her name actually meaning "Ask" in Indonesia and Malaysia languages.
  • It is very likely that she has already taken out the rest of the Thicket Thieves.


Official Art

"Meet Tanya Keys"


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