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No, I'll prove it that there's no such thing as a perfect couple once I find my binoculars

—Mao Mao

"The Perfect Couple" is the 36th episode of the first season of Mao Mao: Heroes of Pure Heart, and the 36th episode overall.


When Mao Mao accidentally breaks up the most perfect couple in Pure Heart Valley, he has to figure out how to get them back together.


A normal day when Mao Mao measures a watermelon precisely. He then takes a deep breathe and proceeds to professional wield his katana to slice the watermelon into

A Slice of Watermelon.

two halves, but is disgruntled at his imperfection, so he tosses the sliced melons away into the pile that Badgerclops and Adorabat are eating. Badgerclops then informs Mao Mao about Penny and Benny’s upcoming wedding, though Mao Mao is disinterested in the event. Adorabat tries to convince him as she admires them for being the most perfect couple in the kingdom, and Badgerclops reminds him that he is the sheriff and a sheriff has to officiate a wedding. But rather than preparing for his speech, Mao Mao decides to prove there's no perfect couple by stalking them, and his attempt to spit out his binoculars grosses both Adorabat and Badgerclops out.

The three heroes then stalk Penny and Benny by hiding themselves in the bushes. They first spot Benny carrying a sack, and instantly dash to follow him after dumping Pinky out of

The Perfect Couple 019.png

the bush. Bypassing a group of children crossing the road by jumping up and down from the roof, they almost get noticed by Benny but manage to keep low profile and follow him into the forest. At first, Mao Mao believes that he is going to throw away his laundry, but it turns out that Benny is just washing his suit and Penny's gown. Mao Mao remains unconvinced though and carries on with the stalking, this time following Penny.

While following Penny, Mao Mao is so desperate to prove his argument that he forces Badgerclops'

Following Her.

mechanical arm to get a speed boost, which results in the bush roaming around in random directions. Adorabat gets swapped with Kevin, Badgerclops gets detached with his arm and Mao Mao and Kevin get crashed onto a wall. Penny is later seen at an alleyway's bakery, which Mao Mao considers as shady and believes Penny is up to no good, only to realize she is buying her wedding cake from Muffins' shop.

After the fruitless search, Mao Mao is confused about the perfection regarding Penny and Benny's relationship. Adorabat claims that the two dogs simply love each other,

The Perfect Couple 067.png

while Badgerclops complains about Mao Mao never buying him a cake and always forcing him the laundry which Mao Mao claims that he can do the laundry himself. However, Mao Mao eventually comes to a revelation that if he can slice a watermelon into two perfect halves, then they can be the same. This gives him the motivation to officiate the wedding without bringing Kevin back

The Perfect Couple 196.png


At the wedding, even though everyone is annoyed by Orangusnake, who was invited by Penny and Benny, being present, everything seems to be going fine...until Mao Mao brings up about Benny washing the clothes and Penny purchasing cake. It turns out that this little joke has

The Perfect Couple 146.png

made everything gone downhill relatively quickly, as a misunderstanding between Benny and Penny is flared up. Before anyone can stop Penny, she has already decided to elope with Orangusnake out of the blue! Realizing that he has to salvage the marriage between the two dogs, Mao Mao brings Benny along and boards the Sky Pirates airship.

At the Sky pirates Airship, Mao Mao tells Orangusnake to unhand Penny. But since he and Penny are already married, Mao Mao challenges him to a duel, while the two dogs are still refusing to talk to each other. They

The Perfect Couple 205.png

both argue with each other about the couple, who are actually overhearing their argument. Orangusnake thinks the couple themselves are both terrible, but Mao Mao tells him that Penny was protecting her feelings and no couple is perfect, because their perfection comes from their imperfections. The two dogs are moved and they reconcile. Mao Mao then slices Orangusnake apart and reveals Coby and Tanner. Before they re-form, Mao Mao has one thing for him....

Back at the wedding, Orangusnake is in chains (with his glasses), and reads the paper about the two dogs getting married. Mao Mao announces that even if it’s impossible to achieve perfection because the rewards would only get a lifetime while Orangusnake is being blasted off. Adorabat reminds him that he’s talking to himself, and he admits that he has a lot of things to ponder about, ending the episode.





  • This episode officially confirms that Benny and Penny are a couple.
  • This is the first time to reveal Coby and Tanner when Mao Mao slices Orangusnake apart.


  • This is the second time Mao Mao regurgitates his binoculars, although it is not shown on screen.


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International premieres

  • July 26, 2020 (Southeast Asia/The Philippines)
  • October 26, 2020 (Poland)


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