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Shoverclops is Shoving


"Trading Day" is the 22nd episode of the first season of Mao Mao: Heroes of Pure Heart, and the 22nd episode overall.


When they think each others’ lives are easier, the heroes switch roles.


The episode starts back when the trio goes back to the HQ, When they complain about the battle. But, Adorabat Looks

"Easy Pessy, Lemon Squeezy".

at Mao Mao's sword and she was amazed by the shiny gold, But Mao Mao tells her that his life is not easy. Badgerclops was complaining about her the easiest. Then, They the trio quarrels, But Suddenly, Badgerclops's Robotic arm attaches to Mao Mao causing his arm extremely pain. The trio switches places, Mao Mao doing Badgerclops's stuff, Adorabat doing Mao Mao's heroic moves, and Badgerclops doing part as Adorabat.

So, Adorabat was doing some heroic moves, through apartments. Then, she eats bugs. Meanwhile, Mao Mao was in his co-hero's garage. Just then, He makes the bike on Fire, and the robotic arm takes him to somewhere. Later, Badgerclops was walking by when he sees the Leaf Kindergarten, Inside, A Teacher was saying good morning to the Students, and Badgerclops wants to join them. The Teacher gives him a cookie and a drink, but Chubbum was laying on the ground. Meanwhile, Adorabat is still doing heroic moves through apartments. Then, the trio meets here at the kindergarten, So Mao Mao claims

Trading Day 022.png

for Badgerclops doing silly things. After they split up again, Badgerclops moves Chubbum from the slide, Then, he was about to say "Shoverclops is Shoving" along with the rest of the kids. So

Trading Day 040.png

they follow him.

Later, Adorabat was saying she was seeing filth going around, But Muffins tells her she is next to the trash can. Just then, Pinky was stealing her muffins from her, then she dims at him, Making everyone nervous. Meanwhile, Mao Mao was shooting lasers everywhere in the kingdom,

Trading Day 116.png

and a giant Lizard Monster comes and attacks him. Then, he sees Badgerclops sitting on a log. He was telling him that the children was calling him names. Then, Adorabat comes who doesn’t see with the belt on. But the robotic arm attacks Mao Mao, Then, it

Trading Day 127.png

comes out of His arm.

The trio suddenly, turns back to normal. But they still have to fight first. As Mao Mao goes up, Adorabat was asking how did he make his cape so cool and pretty, then He tells her that he is cool and pretty, while defeating the monster. They hug each other, for apologizing they switched places. Then, Chubbum was complaining

Oh No!

how he is such a Shoverclops. So, Adorabat tells him that he thinks some will call him names. So, he forgives him. But, Adorabat shouts at them. But as Mao Mao was taking Badgerclops home, His face suddenly turns Into Adorabat, as ending the episode.





  • Adorabat is revealed to be 5 years old, and still attending school, unbeknownst to Mao Mao and Badgerclops beforehand.
  • The plot of this episode is a reference to the 1976 film Freaky Friday.


Cultural References


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International premieres

  • June 9, 2020 (Poland)


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