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Oh, my young apprentice, you could never be like me. You have to be your own kind of hero. In your own special way

—Mao Mao

"Try Hard" is the 34th episode of the first season of Mao Mao: Heroes of Pure Heart, and the 34th episode overall.


When the Sky Pirates take Mao Mao and Badgerclops hostage, it's up to Adorabat to save the day.


The episode starts at Stormy weather, When the trio is at the airship (who Adorabat is molting every skin while

Try Hard.

jumping). The Sky pirates capture Pinky. So, Mao Mao grabs his speaker and tells him that they will get him down, while Adorabat shouts at everyone to go away (and Kevin cries). He tells Adorabat to stop molting her skin, but She is too happy, because she is learning how to be a hero like him. Mao Mao tells her to try hard.

But Orangusnake Interrupts them and thinks he’s boring them. But Mao Mao talks to him to get closer to the window, he tells Badgerclops to shoot ugly slime. He shoots at piece of slime at Boss Hosstrich but thinks it’s a little one. Until Ratarang asks the boss that he can’t go out like this, But Orangusnake tells him to be a man. But Badgerclops tells Mao Mao that he needs to use the

Try Hard 044.png

bathroom, But Mao Mao can’t hear him, He tells him to break the tree, and causes them to get stuck in a block of green slime.

Pinky welcomes them, and Mao Mao tries to free him and Badgerclops, but he spits the slime and didn’t taste good. So, now

Ratarang defeated.

that the Sky pirates capture the two and pinky, Adorabat will had to save them by herself. Then, the boss drops Pinky and Adorabat goes inside the airship, while Orangusnake orders Ratarang to get her.

As he was looking for her, Adorabat thinks about Mao Mao trying to push Ratarang at the sun. So, she uses her flight, but Ratarang caught her, but pushes him and

Try Hard 107.png

trying to bang on him while turning into a Boomerang. While she after defeats him, he pretends to be Ratarang herself with a bowl on her head. Later, Boss Hosstrich and Ramaraffe are looking for him, as she sneaks up, Ramaraffe sees her, but they think it’s him.

Later, Orangusnake is saying that he will electocute something, but Boss Hosstrich can’t hear him. Until, she goes to the elevator, then Ramaraffe founds her, then she pushes the button making her neck in pain. The boss calls his group, but

Try Hard 127.png

it’s just Adorabat, he wonders how did she defeat three grownups? Mao Mao said she’s sheriff department. But suddenly, Orangusnake turns the ship to the Ruby of pure heart. Until she gets to them, Badgerclops said that he went up to the deck. She was going to the deck, until the elevator is stuck, then she gets frustrated. But in her mind, Mao Mao reminds her that

Surrounded by her molted skin.

she needs to try hard. So, Adorabat believes him. She uses Mao Mao punch to get to the deck. So the boss is still complaining about she defeated his group. Then, Adorabat climbs up and forbids calling him "Jerk butt", But Mao Mao is still proud of her. Until Orangusnake caught her she suddenly molt her skin Making him disgusted.

Adorabat molted her skin making him surrounded, and Mao Mao

Try Hard 211.png

and Badgerclops break out of the block of slime. Soon she didn’t defeat him, But Badgerclops uses his arm to point at him and Orangusnake has one minute. As the trio were about to push him off, Adorabat uses her slaps and kicks to hurt him. After the fight, Mao Mao was proud of her for trying hard to save them. Mao Mao says they will go for some Ice cream, while the ship explodes. Adorabat thinks that she will be just like Mao Mao, but nah as the episode ends.





  • This is the third episode where it doesn't take place at Pure Heart Valley the first was being "Sleeper Sofa", the second was being "Lonely Kid".


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International premieres

  • July 19, 2020 (Southeast Asia/The Philippines)
  • October 22, 2020 (Poland)


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