Hated things


Those are the first episodes that have been most hated.


  • 1. Mao Mao - Mao Mao was first hated in the show, He can be bossy or mean sometimes, But when things aren’t going as planned, He looses his temper. Since his past has been heartbroken, Now he is selfish, jealous, and reckless.
  • 2. Orangusnake - The captain of the sky Pirates was hated through the show, He gets into killing, Ever since he turned into a fusion, He goes too far.
  • 3. Pinky - He can be weird and creepy at sometimes. But he steals things around the kingdom.
  • 4. Dr. Cuddlestien - She is a doctor, but she can get angered sometimes, even she dislikes Mao Mao & Orangusnake breaking her rules.
  • 5. Farmer Bun - He is a farmer, but he does not want Mao Mao to get his nerves on him.
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