In accordance with Mao Mao having superhumanly rapid movements, he also possesses reflexes and skills far beyond any human limitations, a trait best shown in the above scene from "Fright Wig". 

Now, this bit is pretty darn fast no matter how you cut it, but there are some cuts that have to be made.

Firstly, the scene doesn't make a whole lot of physical sense. Some of these eggs move far faster than others, yet we see in the slow motion sequence that they're all moving at roughly the same speed.

Secondly, the scene does not have consistent continuity due to some minor errors. During the scene where the eggs are being tossed upwards, 10 eggs can be seen at once in a single frame, but then when Mao Mao saves them he only grabs 6. However, right after he does that we see the full 12 right back in his hands again.

The physics of this scene are clearly being played with to convey a general notion of "speed", but regardless I'm going to carry on anyways.

Measuring out several different eggs here, we can see that the slowest moving one is ascending at a rate of ~17 egg/s, while fastest is at least ~215 egg/s.

(I know that the images state these figures in meters per second, but that's just because I labeled the eggs as such. The actual unit doesn't matter here as long as the ratio is correct.)

Looking at the same egg/s in the slow motion sequence, we can see that the batch of eggs is now moving at around a rate of 1.1 egg/s. Taking this with the prior figures, this indicates a ratio of 1:15.5-1:195 between the timescales in these scenes.

Knowing that Mao Mao takes 22 frames to grab every egg, this means the time it took him to grab and secure each egg was 3.666... frames on average, or about 0.15 seconds.

But remember, this is already greatly slowed down for visual emphasis, the ratio of these timescales would indicate that the "actual" period per egg snatch is between 0.8-10 milliseconds.

For reference, this would mean that at the longer ends of this scale Mao Mao would be able to reach out and grab an egg in the time it takes a bullet to move just over 10 feet. At the shorter ends of the scale, a figure like this would suggest that Mao Mao is capable of moving his hands faster than sound. A speed so great he would be capable of performing the above feat over 30 times in the time it took an average person to blink.

But of course, as I outlined at the beginning of this blog, this is not a good reference point for Mao Mao's abilities due to a number of errors with the physics of the scene. So as a second piece to analyze, I'll be looking at the following scene from "Head Chef".

In this scene, Mao Mao cuts his split cucumber 4 times over the timeframe of at most 2 frames, or a little over 0.08 seconds. At minimum, this action could have taken place in less than a single frame, as the blur of Mao Mao's blade obscures the cucumber as it passes over it.

Such a feat would suggest that Mao Mao is capable of making a small, precision cut over 48 times per second. One slice per 0.02 seconds.

As with before, this is grossly in excess of any normal ability. It would take over 5x this amount of time for a regular person to even begin moving, much less make 4 cuts with a tool that, mind you, is not designed for cooking.


It's worth considering that Mao Mao does not display this level of superhuman speed and precision all the time. While he does generally make split second decisions beyond what's feasible for a human, he's also been caught off guard by events taking place in timescales far slower than what's depicted here.

It's likely that Mao Mao's apparent extreme speed may be due to a disproportionate level of ability between his mechanical motions, instincts, and thinking speed. His speed during these sequences may be too fast for even him to keep up with, with the only reason he can seemingly do so being his years of skill allowing him to plot out his actions before he begins doing them.

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