Hello Mao Mao Wiki editors, we are already in November, wow the year passed in a 2 by 3, well but back to the topic, we have only two months of the year left and in 2020 there will be changes in the wiki, both in general and internally, and the first thing will be in the:

1. Staff:

New users will be added to the administration and others that are already part of the administration will rise in rank:


  • Diana lover: Diana is one of the most dedicated users of the wiki, being the #2 user in the wiki, in addition to already having experience managing wikis, and is the first Chinese user of the wiki!!! Her promotion will be somewhere in January 2020.

2. Birthdays and a Calendar

I've seen that many wikis have a birthday calendar, and I like that idea for the wiki, soon I'll ask for their birthdays on a blog that I'll upload in the next few months (not mandatory, only if you want), and I'll be designing the calendar in these months.

So far it would be all, in December I will publish the second part, Bye.
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