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Ah, ah, ah. You can't just buy your own legendary weapon. Adorabat. You recieve it. And I recieve mine long ago

—Mao Mao

Weapon of Choice is the 20th episode of the first season of Mao Mao: Heroes of Pure Heart and the 20th episode overall.


Worried that his sword is a glorified consolation prize, Mao Mao sets out to prove the worth of his weapon.


The episode starts off with Mao Mao training with his katana Geraldine . Adorabat was fazed on how his katana

Weapon of Choice 029.png

is so cool so she asked Mao Mao about buying her own weapon and Mao Mao said that she doesn't need to buy a sword like himself and also said that he received his own weapon at a young age and told her about the Legendary Golden Weapons.

A golden spear that can pierce anything, a golden scarf that gives the person quick flight, a golden hat with infinite storage space, golden bangles for defense and golden eye contacts that gives the sight beyond sight. After receiving his katana from Shin Mao, Mao Mao named his weapon Geraldine and showed off his move to his deputies Lunar lash!, But Badgerclops thinks it's a glow-stick. At the Kingdom, Mao Mao looks for trouble around the village, But there wasn’t any crime. As he almost sees Penny and Benny just having fun. Mao Mao bends his sword as a boomerang.

As he tries it to come back, he runs and go and gets it. As he hears Chubbum crying, he saids

Weapon of Choice 024.png

his cupcake is in the fountain. So When Mao Mao tries to save his cupcake, he flips the fountain causing it to get squashed. While he looks for trouble around as he says "I search danger in the air", They See Pinky who is floating away with a balloon. While, He climbs

Weapon of Choice 056.png

up on the apartments, He uses his sword as a helicopter, Making Pinky's Legs Hurt offscreen. Back at the HQ, Badgerclops is having PB&J in his Bread. As He tells Mao Mao he has gone overcompensating a bit as the Monster Alarm rings.

At the Junkyard, the Sky pirates are seen having meatballs. As the trio arrives, Mao Mao plans

Weapon of Choice 100.png

to attack them. After he gets defeated by Boss Hosstrich, Ramaraffe, and Ratarang, He gets in pain. When Orangusnake Thinks it's bad, Badgerclops was about to electro him with his robotic arm. But the group starts to skedaddle. Then, a large Worm

Weapon of Choice 213.png

Monster appears and eats the trio into it's stomach.

Mao Mao apologizes about his sword, So Adorabat wants Mao Mao to push a glow button. But she was not understanding about the weapon. So he uses the Lunar lash! To defeat the monster. So, as the battle was over, Adorabat thinks his sword is more than a glow stick, it's special, As Badgerclops grabs a bag of rice, as the episode ends.





  • When Mao Mao was explaining the story of his katana (and the name Geraldine), Badgerclops seemed to be surprised about the name despite him saying its name in "Small".
  • It could be possible that he may have forgotten it, or that this episode takes place before "Small".
  • As Shin Mao is still mostly silhouetted in the flashback.

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International premieres

  • March 23, 2020 (Poland)


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